You can spend hours researching all of todays security cameras or you can let us do it for you. We've already spent hours and sometimes days testing various cameras. We've compiled details through hands-on experiences, calls, emails, trade show visits, and secret shopping. A Secure Cam is the ultimate guide to finding top rated indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, home security cameras, and baby monitors.
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Indoor Camera's

Hands-On Review of the Tenvis JPT3815W

My little furry buddy and I have been living with the Tenvis JPT3815W-HD. There's a lot to tell about this budget IP camera. For starters, it's definitely not the best ...

Outdoor Camera's


Netatmo Presence Review

Finding a good outdoor security camera is hard. A lot of times, you end up sacrificing video quality, looks, functionality, or all of the above. But as technology progresses, we’re ...

Home Security Camera Reviews


Frontpoint Security Camera

Frontpoint is a professional home security company regarded by many to be the best. They provide exceptional white-glove support, competitive pricing, and patented technology. They also offer home security packages ...

Dual Indoor / Outdoor Cameras

Arlo Pro Review

Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, & Go Wire-Free Review

Netgear pioneered the concept of indoor/outdoor cameras. Their first camera concept, Arlo, was an instant hit. Other companies followed their lead like Flir, Ring, and even Canary. Not to be ...

Baby Monitors


Sproutling Baby Monitor

With all the big names in the smart baby monitor field, it’s hard for a startup to penetrate the market. But one, in particular, Sproutling, sold out after the first ...