You can spend hours researching all of todays security cameras or you can let us do it for you. We've already spent hours and sometimes days testing various cameras. We've compiled details through hands-on experiences, calls, emails, trade show visits, and secret shopping. A Secure Cam is the ultimate guide to finding top rated indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, home security cameras, and baby monitors.
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Indoor Camera's

ULO The Interactive Owl Security Camera

I’ve seen a lot of great cameras over the year, but none of them say cool or weird more than ULO — the interactive camera that looks like an owl. ...

Outdoor Camera's


Sengled Floodlight with Security Camera

SNAP is Sengled’s first attempt at security cameras. Sengled, is best known for their innovation in the light bulb industry. The company combines ordinary LED light bulbs with useful home ...

Home Security Camera Reviews

Xfinity Security Camera

Xfinity Home Security Camera

You may know Comcast as the cable & Internet company you love to hate, but there’s a fresh side to Comcast - Xfinity Home Security. Xfinity Home Security uses high-quality ...

Dual Indoor / Outdoor Cameras

Polaroid Hoop Review

Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera Review

Announced at CES 2017, Polaroid Hoop doesn’t do much to stand out from other home security cameras on the market. Hoop is certainly sexy, but is it sexy enough? Good ...

Baby Monitors


Dlink DCS 800l Baby Monitor

For the past 30 days I've lived with the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor Junior (DCS-800L). The DCS-800L is the entry level baby monitor offered by D-Link though most wouldn't call it ...