Amaryllo iSensor HD

Amaryllo iSensor HD

Hardware Criteria8
Software Criteria6.4
Video Storage9.5
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews7.8
Home Automation0
Encryption, Encoding, and Care10
Reader Rating: (9 Rates)7.2

I own and actively test an iSensor HD. The iSensor HD is an indoor cameras from Amaryllo that was a successfully funded Indiegogo project.

If you want a camera that provides a good picture quality, free cloud storage, and in-app live streaming then you should consider the iSensor HD.


  • 15GB Free Cloud Storage
  • 256-bit Encryption


  • Does Not Work With Other Devices
  • Camera Will Not Sit on a Shelf

Image and Video Quality with the iSensor HD

iSensor HDThe iSensor HD records in ... HD. The iSensor provides a solid picture during the day and a mediocre experience at night. During the day, the picture is clear and crisp with a decent viewing angle. The viewing angle is enhanced by the cameras ability to pan which provides a 180 degree viewing angle. The pan feature is controlled by the camera's app with a finger swipe to move the camera's internal gear. The camera cannot zoom but can stream live footage and provides multiple options for storage which we will discuss later.

The iSensor does not use true night vision which is why the night experience is mediocre. Instead, the camera is equipped with a LED light that turns on if an event is detected. The LED light does not create a night vision experience that is as good as a real IR experience but it does provide enough light to see a few feet.

iSensor to Enhance Home Security

iSensor HD

The goal behind the iSensor's LED light is not only to enhance night vision but to also scare off intruders. In addition to the Intruder Warning Light, the iSensor has a built-in alarm that emits an audible sound if an event is detected. I'm not sure how many db the alarm is but it's faint. I would say it is no louder than a cell phone ringing. It wouldn't be enough to wake you up at night but it might be loud enough to draw attention perhaps luring the intruder toward the sound so that your camera can capture better video evidence.

A third security feature offered by Amaryllo is pre-event recording. The camera comes with 4GB of internal memory which is used to continuously buffer footage. If an event is detected, the internal memory will push pre-event footage and actual event footage to the cloud for safe keeping.

Fourth, the iSensor is a portable camera. You can use a USB battery pack to charge the camera and potentially place it creatively like a wireless camera.

The iSensor has built-in motion detection, sound detection, and two-way audio. There is no option to schedule arm and disarm and they do not offer activity zones or other features to make motion detection more intelligent.

When using a camera, you have to consider privacy part of the home security package. Cameras can be hacked and you want to make sure you are buying a camera that makes that harder and also that you take measures to protect your own privacy. From a privacy perspective the iSensor is good. They could use a stronger password policy but ultimately a solid password is your choice. They use 256-bit encryption which is better than most cameras and arguably the best. Also, they use Google servers for video storage and WebRTC to transmit video.

The iSensor App and Cloud Storage

The iSensor HD supports Android and iOS devices. Through the app you can customize alerts, setup storage, and also view live streaming video for up to 4 iSensors.

If an event is detected you have the option of sending video to the cloud and the iSensor offers free cloud storage. The iSensor has 4GB of internal storage which is used to send videos to a connected Google Drive account. You will receive 15GB of free storage with your Google Drive accounts. From Google Drive you can download or share videos or delete them to create room for new videos. The iSensor can upload videos to the cloud continuously or based upon event. You can customize your preference within the app.

A Quick Summary, Compatible Devices, and Pricing Comparison

If this was all overkill for you let me wrap it up in one paragraph. The iSensor is easy to set up, it does not play with others, it offers tons of free cloud storage, and multiple built-in security features. The hardware is well designed with a small size combined with the option to charge via USB if you need a portable device.

iSensor HD on Amazon $159.90

On the Amaryllo Store $159.90

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