Angee Review

Angee Smart Camera Review


  • 360° rotating camera with motion tracking
  • Battery backup
  • Works with security tags and IFTTT


  • Not yet shipping
  • Lacks smart home integrations

Angee: A Talking, Watching, Listening, and Sensing Camera

What would happen if Canary, Amazon Echo, and Koova had a baby? I'll tell you what; they'd make Angee. Angee is a security camera that can rotate and track motion like Koova, measure the temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality like Canary, and function as a personal voice assistant like Amazon Echo.

Angee was launched via a crowdfunding campaign back in 2015. Although they didn't meet their original target shipping date due to several production issues, they will soon start shipping to backers in small batches. This means that those of us who haven't yet backed Angee are even farther back in the shipping line. However, by the end of Q1 2018, Angee will be available to the public, so now is the perfect time to see if it deserves a spot in your home or not.

Video Quality

Angee is a cylinder-shaped device that stands 5.5 inches tall and is designed to sit on a flat surface. Its main feature is its camera, which is powered by a Full HD CMOS sensor and has IR LEDs for night vision. The camera captures in 1920x1080 resolution with a maximum framerate of 30fps. In other words, Angee is on par with some of our top rated indoor cameras such as Nest Cam and Canary. In theory, Angee has the potential to be better than our top-rated cameras because it pans 360°, allowing it to see an entire room in detail.

Angee To Enhance Home Security

What good is a camera if it can't protect your home? Angee uses an array of features to enhance home security.

Motion Detection

As a standalone security camera, Angee can detect motion. However, unlike other cameras, Angee has a total of six PIR motion sensors. These motion sensors are placed strategically around Angee's body to detect motion from any direction. Even if you try to sneak up behind the device, the motion sensors will pick up your movement, and the device will robotically pivot to face you. As if that's not creepy enough, it will lock in on you and follow your movement until you leave its sight.

On the less creepy side, Angee supports detection zones. You can have up to four activity zones, which are areas that you specifically want Angee to monitor. Detection zones are a common feature of high-end security cameras, but what makes Angee different is that the activity zones don't necessarily have to be in one frame. Remember, Angee has 6 motion sensors placed around its body so that you can put detection zones anywhere Angee can pivot.

If Angee detects motion within an activity zone, it will send you a notification. If you open the notification, you can call 911, activate the siren (Angee's speaker), use two-way talk, or ignore the alert.

Fail Proof Design

But what happens if you lose power or internet?

Angee has a 3600mAh Lithium Ion backup battery. Without a power source, the battery can sustain Angee for 10 hours of streaming video. On standby, it can power Angee for even longer.

For internet outages, Angee offers 1.5GB of local storage. If it runs out of space, it will delete the oldest clips to make room for new ones.

Finally, if Angee is turned off or disconnected, the Angee app will let you know. Angee's server consistently checks on the camera, as if it's asking "Are you there?" all the time. If the camera fails to respond, the server will send you a notification.

Security Tags

Angee may be an all-in-one security camera, but it doesn't work alone. It has little puck-shaped friends called Security Tags. What do these Security Tags do? They help Angee secure not only one room but all entrances to your home.

Security Tags are round devices designed to be mounted on your door and windows. They are equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer so they can detect whenever your doors or windows are opened. You might be thinking that Security Tags sound a lot like door/window sensors, and that would make you partially right.

Door/window sensors require that you arm and disarm them whenever you leave or arrive. Security Tags don't. They are fully autonomous. They know if you opened the door to leave the house or to enter. They even know if you're the one who entered or an intruder. How? By authenticating your phone. Security Tags measure your phone's proximity to an entrance. If you're near the entrance and the door is opened, Angee will assume it's you, and won't sound the alarm. However, if the door is opened but you're nowhere near the door, Angee will assume it's an intruder. If you forget your phone, simply shout out your voice password, established during setup, to Angee. Although it is important to know the right password, it's much more important to have the right voice… your voice. Even if other people know your password, Angee will only respond if you speak it.


Lastly, Angee enhances home security by keeping your privacy intact. There are two ways Angee preserves your privacy.

One, Angee uses data encryption to protect static data (data stored inside Angee) and dynamic data (data transmitted by Angee over the internet). They use SSL bank-level encryption to ensure that your data is secure.

Two, Angee makes sure you're not being watched when you don't want to be watched. When you activate Angee's privacy feature, Angee will pan and turn away from you.

Smart Home Features

Air Quality Sensor

Like Canary, Angee is a camera that has an extra set of sensors for measuring your indoor air quality. It measures the temperature and humidity, and if it notices that something is amiss, it will let you know via a push notification.

Voice Control

An even smarter smart home feature present in Angee is voice control. If you're familiar with Amazon Echo, Angee works similarly but with fewer features. Angee responds whenever you say the wake word, "Angee." For now, Angee can only do basic things. It can remind you of your schedule, answer questions, and turn around (for privacy) on your command. What's helpful about Angee's voice control is that it can respond to questions about activity. For example, you can ask Angee what time your child left. Using data gathered from the Security Tags, Angee can tell you the answer.

Angee listens and responds in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.

Currently, Alexa and Google Assistant are the leading smart voice assistants. Knowing that, the team behind Angee is also considering adding Alexa and/or Google Home features to Angee.

Future IntegrationsSoftware

Angee will come with a mobile app and web app to help you monitor your home. The app will function as an all-in-one control point for your Angee system where you can watch a live feed, review previous events, and tinker with the camera's settings.

The app will be available for Android and iOS devices, both smartphones and tablets. It will also be accessible via any browser-enabled device.

Video Storage

Angee offers a couple of video storage options. One is local storage, and the other is cloud storage.

For local storage, Angee will store videos to a 1.5GB built-in memory card. This card can store up to 1 hour of HD videos, and it can store even more if you reduce the video quality.

Cloud storage details are TBD. However, the team behind Angee has acknowledged that cloud storage will require a paid monthly subscription.

A Quick Summary

If you're finding all this information about Angee overwhelming, allow me to summarize it for you.

Angee is a 1080p security camera that can pan a full 360°. For security, it detects motion using its 6 PIR motion sensors designed to monitor motion coming from all directions. It also uses Security Tags to protect your doors, windows, and other entrances.

Besides being a security camera, Angee can smarten up your home using indoor air quality monitoring and voice control.

Is Angee worth buying? On paper, the promised features look great. If it performs well, it is definitely a top contender.

Check out for more information on availability. One camera and one security tag is expected to retail for $429.

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