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Arlo Baby Review - A Powerful Baby Monitor

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Software Criteria8
Video Storage10
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WiFi-enabled baby monitors backed by mobile apps have been a huge failure thus far. Seriously, I dare you to find one with decent reviews. The problem is that we have too many baby focused companies trying to make technology. What we need is a successful technology company ready to make a baby monitor. And thanks to Arlo, we have just that. Meet Arlo Baby, a baby monitor with the specs of Arlo's already successful security camera plus a few surprises of its own.


  • FHD Video
  • Motion detection with customizable detection zones and optional advanced motion detection
  • Includes kid-friendly skins


  • Expensive compared to other baby monitors
  • Tablet monitor costs extra

Arlo Baby vs. Arlo Wire-Free

I'm a fan of Arlo cameras—Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Q, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Go—and hold great expectations for their baby monitor. But before we review it, let's talk about how it compares to Arlo Wire-Free.

There are major differences between Arlo Baby and Wire-Free. Arlo Wire-Free doesn't support audio, Arlo Baby does. This allows you to hear your baby's room and at the same time speak to your baby through your phone. It also enables Arlo Baby to detect sound, as we will discuss later.

They also differ regarding how "wireless" they are. Arlo Wire-Free can run on battery for months, but Arlo Baby needs more time plugged into an outlet. Although it has a rechargeable battery, it can only run on battery power for a few hours.

Another difference is the way the cameras are setup. Arlo Wire-Free works inside and outside of your home as it is weatherproof. Arlo Baby is designed to work indoors. Regardless, the two cameras are really installed the same way. You can mount them on your wall or let them sit on a flat surface. But Arlo Baby has an extra option, the adjustable Table/Wall Stand, which Arlo will sell for an additional $39. It can stand on the floor or a table, and it can also mount on a wall. The stand's height is adjustable. You can fold it short to watch your little one play on the floor during the day and then extend it at night to watch over your baby's crib.

Finally, Arlo Baby comes with cute animal skins to make it more at home in a nursery. Arlo Baby kit comes with a Bunny costume complete with bunny ears and toes. If you want, you can purchase either the Kitty or Puppy costume, which cost around $20 each. Although the skins don't hide the fact that Arlo Baby is still a camera, at least they tried to make it cute.

Despite the differences, Arlo Baby is still a part of the Arlo family. This means it will integrate with the smart home products that Arlo works with such as SmartThings, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Stringify. Most Arlo devices (Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Go, Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus, and Arlo Baby, but not Arlo Wire-Free) also work with Google Assistant, allowing you to stream live videos to your Chromecast device, NVIDIA Stick TV, and iOS and Android devices. Finally, Arlo announced at CES 2018 that most of their existing cameras will soon work with HomeKit. So far, Arlo Baby is the first and only Arlo camera to work with Apple's smart home ecosystem.

Unfortunately, being a part of the Arlo family also means that Arlo Baby will count against your 5-camera limit while using the free cloud subscription plan (see table under Video Storage). If you already have five Arlo cameras under one account, you will need to upgrade your subscription to a paid plan to make room for Arlo Baby.

Image and Video Quality

Arlo Baby is not that different from existing Arlo cameras in terms of image and video quality. It offers a 1080p resolution, a 25-foot night vision range, up to 16x digital zoom, and a viewing angle of 110° that you can adjust, probably using the app, up to 130°. While watching a live stream on your phone, you can also talk to your little one via Arlo Baby's two-way talk feature.

Arlo offers an optional 7" touchscreen tablet to serve as your monitor. It connects to Arlo Baby wirelessly and streams live video. The tablet has a retractable stand so you can prop it on your bedside table for easy access.

If you're worried about adding a cloud-connected camera to your baby's room, perhaps knowing that the video streams are encrypted using bank-level encryption will make you feel a little better?

Added Baby-Friendly Features

As a camera that is part security camera, part baby monitor, Arlo Baby can do more than the average monitor.

As a security camera, it can detect motion and sound and send alerts to your smartphone. Its ability to detect motion is enhanced with motion detection zones, so you can select the areas you want to monitor while ignoring the rest. For example, you might want to monitor motion at the door to your baby's room while ignoring the crib. Or you might want to monitor for motion in the crib while ignoring everything else. In addition, you can opt into the Arlo Smart subscription service for $2.99 per month per camera to enable advanced motion detection. This service gives Arlo cameras, including Arlo Baby, the ability to detect people. It also adds Rich Notifications. Instead of a regular push alert, the camera will send an alert with a snapshot of the event. From your phone's lock screen, you can press the play button to view a live feed from your camera without unlocking your phone.

As a baby monitor, Arlo Baby offers features designed for babies. For one, it offers Cry Detection. Of course, your baby's cry is probably enough to set off the sound sensor, but Arlo Baby can go the extra mile and tell you specifically if it hears your baby crying. It also includes an Air Sensor. Arlo Baby monitors the temperature, humidity, and the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air. When the air quality falls below the recommended range, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

And last, Arlo Baby can help you send your baby to dreamland using its Smart Music Player and Smart Night Light. The Smart Music Player can play lullabies, white noise, or even a recording of your voice. You can remotely control what you want it to play using the smartphone app. The Smart Night Light, on the other hand, is an ambient light that offers thousands of shades to choose from and adjustable brightness and warmth. Like the music player, you can change the hue and control the brightness of the light from your phone.

Video Storage

One feature that Arlo cameras are known for is 7-Day FREE cloud storage, and yes, Arlo Baby has inherited this feature. You can store motion or sound events in the cloud for 7 days. Arlo also offers premium cloud features if you're willing to pay a monthly fee.

Basic Plan Premier Plan Elite Plan
Price Per Month $0
per month
per month
per month
Price Per Year $0 per year
$99 per year
$149 per year
Camera Support5 Cameras10 Cameras15 Cameras
Storage Amount7 Days Cloud Recording 30 Days Cloud Recording60 Days Cloud Recording
Storage LimitUp to 1GB Cloud StorageUp to 10GB Cloud StorageUp to 100GB Cloud Storage
Person Detection$2.99/month/camera

Activity Zones$2.99/month/camera

NotificationsEmail and Push (Rich Push Notifications for $2.99/month/camera)Email and Rich Push NotificationsEmail and Rich Push Notifications

Tech SupportStandard SupportUnlimited SupportUnlimited Support

In addition to cloud storage for event videos, Arlo offers continuous video recording. Instead of just recording when motion or an event is detected, CVR lets you record every second of every day. Take note, however, that CVR plans only work with Arlo Baby, Arlo Q, and Arlo Q Plus, which are Arlo cameras that require continuous power. Arlo's battery-powered cameras do not support CVR.

CVR plans start at $9.99 per month per camera or $99.00 per year for 14 days of history. They also sell a 30-day plan for $19.99 per month or $199.00 per year. Both plans offer a 50% discount on secondary and succeeding CVR plans.

A Quick Summary

The fact that Arlo Baby is made by Arlo and modeled after Arlo Pro provides confidence. So much so that it went straight to the top as our number one recommended baby monitor. There are so many baby monitors made by "fly by night" companies that, when they go belly up, leave you with a useless expensive piece of plastic. With Arlo Baby using the same cloud service as Arlo Cameras, the chances of that happening are greatly reduced.

Arlo Baby is now available on Amazon (Check latest price). It includes the baby monitor plus one character skin of your choice. A larger kit, which will include the tablet for monitoring and a table mount will also be available in the near future.

Apple also sells the Apple Exclusive Arlo Baby. Apple sells their camera for $189.95 (Amazon sells Arlo Baby for around $199.00). The key difference between the Apple Exclusive version and the regular version is that the Apple Exclusive Arlo Baby only works with HomeKit. It's not compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other platforms. Also, the Apple Exclusive version doesn't include character skins, although you can still purchase a character skin separately.


  1. Eony 2 April, 2017 at 12:28 Reply

    Wondering if you actually tried this or just copy and paste features.
    Reason is simple, I have arlo q and in paper all sounds so good. But really is different story.
    As mentioned above lag of the camera is huge concern. Sometimes up to 30 sec which is not usable as baby monitor.
    So have you tried this camera?

    • Vanessa Stanley 3 April, 2017 at 13:38 Reply

      No one has tried it, including me or Jae. It is not yet shipping. We saw Arlo Baby at CES and we’ve tried Arlo Pro, which is similar. We’ve not had any problems with lag time. In fact, Arlo Pro has one of the lowest lag times of any camera we’ve tested. And to be clear, we don’t get paid if you sign up for info on Arlo Baby so we have no skin in the game. What is your current internet speed? How many streaming devices do you have running simultaneously?

  2. Richard 29 January, 2017 at 21:07 Reply

    It’s interesting that this baby monitor went to the top of the recommendation list when it has never been tested in person. Well, from someone who has several Arlo Q cameras (the kind which are always plugged into an outlet- Not battery powered) I can say that while I love my cameras and the quality and features are very good, I will occasionally be unable to sign into a camera to pull up the video stream. That’s a major concern for a baby monitor. I also sometimes pull up the website and stream video from 2 downstairs cameras while I’m upstairs. It will generally stay running for somewhere between a couple minutes to 10 minutes. Then at least one of the cameras will go offline and I’ll have to click to reestablish the link. Sometimes there is a lot of repeated clicking until it finally links back up. Again, if their new baby monitor exhibits this same behavior, it will be a very frustrating and will pale in comparison to monitors that work locally.

    • Vanessa Stanley 2 February, 2017 at 11:27 Reply

      Yes, that would be frustrating. I’ve tried Arlo Pro, but never Arlo Q, and this monitor will share features of both… We haven’t found a great option for a remotely monitored baby monitor. This one checks all the right boxes, but we won’t know for sure until we try it.

  3. Brian 14 January, 2017 at 23:47 Reply

    Where can I learn more info about the motion detection zones? I didn’t see anything on their website about that. Also, do you have any info whether Arlo Pro will be getting motion zones? Thanks!

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