Babelens Baby Monitor Comparison

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For a first time parent, picking out a baby monitor can seem more difficult than choosing a baby’s name. It’s an important decision, and there are tons of choices. Babelens is one choice of monitor that has everything it needs to be a great baby monitor AND a home security camera.

  • 1080p Resolution
  • Record to SD and NAS Ready
  • Web Portal or App Control
  • Limited Reviews on Mobile App
  • No PTZ
  • No Battery

Babelens Baby Monitor Set-Up

Babelens has adopted the increasingly popular philosophy that a simple set-up is better. It can be mounted on a wall or set on top of a flat surface. The wall mount kit is included with the monitor. Placement close to an outlet is important; it doesn’t have a battery and always needs to be plugged in.

The Babelens baby monitor looks like a security camera. There’s nothing showy or over-the-top about it and it’s simple enough to blend into the background.
To get the monitor ... well ... monitoring, install the app on your Android or iOS phone, or you can use the web app. Then, follow the simple instructions on the app and connect it to your home's Wi-fi.

Using The Babelens App

The user interface on Babelens is simple, like it is with most baby monitors. You can test it out yourself by downloading the app and signing into the sample camera. I checked it out and it took me seconds to figure out all of the controls for the app- no instruction manual necessary.
The app allows you to control the setup from anywhere. There are controls for:

  • A nightlight built-in to the baby monitor
  • Playing music (if you put an SD card with music in the monitor)
  • Record to NAS ready
  • Speaking and listening to your baby
  • Playing live video
  • Taking live photos and video
  • Adding or switching cameras
  • Changing motion sensor settings

Babelens Up Close

The Babelens baby monitor has most of the features I expect from a baby monitor, and I few I didn’t expect. The resolution of the video is 1080p HD, which is better than the Motorola Connect baby monitor as well as others. In fact, some monitors are as low as 480p.

The night vision is upgraded too; you can see up to 40 feet at night. It has an improved low-light view, making video more clear when it’s not quite dark but not quite light. When I saw the live feed from the sample camera, I was impressed with the clarity of the image at night and early morning.

The motion sensor goes above and beyond. You choose how long you record motion events, with a default setting of one minute. Before the motion event, ten seconds of video is recorded. When an event happens, you get a push notification on your phone.

Best of all, Babelens has a sound detector. Abnormally loud noises are treated as a motion event, letting you know when your baby is awake and crying. Or, use it as a security camera and get a notification if someone breaks the glass in your window.

Some companies are starting to realize the importance of choosing active zones for motion detectors, and Babelens is on board. With the option to choose from four motion zones, you can make sure your pacing cat doesn’t send you false alarms. Essentially active zones let you pick areas within view to monitor while ignoring others. So instead of getting motion alerts for everything that happens in your baby's room, you can choose to focus on his crib.

Final Thoughts

Babelens is the middle of the road in regards to pricing when compared to other baby monitors but it comes with features normally reserved for higher priced monitors. Features like full HD video, a web app, music playback, and storage options set this monitor apart from others. Also, the ability to view your baby from home or while you are away is pretty handy and let's not forget sound detection!

If you are interested, you can purchase the Pod-8 Babelens Camera on

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