Butterfleye Review

Butterfleye Review

Hardware Criteria8
Software Criteria5
Video Storage9.5
Hands-On/User Reviews and Pricing5.1
Home Automation5
Encryption, Encoding, and Care6.3
Reader Rating: (16 Rates)4.9

Butterfleye is one of several cordless camera options available for purchase. I have had two hands-on experiences with the camera before it started shipping. During the first experience, I was shown the camera and the beta app, during the second experience, I was able to see Butterfleye in action.

While other cameras have emphasized their ability to secure and protect, Butterfleye is emphasizing a social experience with security being peripheral. However, the camera can be used to keep an eye on things while you are away.


  • Battery Powered
  • Not Internet Dependent
  • Ignores Pets


  • Two Week Battery Life
  • Lacks pan, tilt, and wide angle
  • Lacks Night Vision
  • Android App Coming Soon

Image and Video Quality with the Butterfleye Pro

Butterfleye Video Quality

Sample from Butterfleye at CES

Butterfleye is the only cordless option we've reviewed that offers a FHD experience. However, as you can see in the photo above, FHD doesn't always translate. During CES, we were told that Wi-Fi issues were causing a lag, but they also impacted the camera's video quality. Admittedly, a photograph of a video isn't the best way to share the experience, but first hand the video was grainy and in no way compared to other FHD cameras like Canary.

Though Blink should record in 1920x1080p resolution, it may auto-adjust the resolution down while live streaming depending upon the strength of your internet connection and other factors. I would bet this is what happened during CES. Though an automatically adjusted resolution may not sound ideal, Butterfleye is intelligent in that it gives you the best user experience. When it adjusts, it also lowers lag times.

Beyond FHD video, the camera is pretty basic. It cannot zoom, pan, tilt nor does it offer night vision. It does offer a 100-degree field of view which is impressive compared to other cameras.

Butterfleye to Enhance Home Security

Butterfleye is marketed as both a social camera and a security camera. Its ability to record and send notifications makes it a decent home security camera, but it both has and lacks features that people want in a security camera. First of all, it lacks night vision. Although it can capture videos in low-light conditions, it can't see in complete darkness. Second, it's an indoor camera, and there is no option to add an outdoor camera to the Butterfleye ecosystem.

Butterfleye CameraOn the other hand, it wins with other added security features. It records in FHD (maybe), it includes two-way audio, and it has battery backup. After all, it is battery powered.

Butterfleye is 100% cordless. You can place it anywhere to record as the battery is said to last two weeks with normal use or as long as 3-6 months with minimal use. A magnetic swivel base is added to the camera's package, allowing a more flexible placement.

Butterfleye can technically work without power and internet. It does require an internet connection to upload video to the cloud, but not to function. If Butterfleye is not connected to the internet, it will use internal memory storage to save up to 12 hours of footage. When internet is restored, the footage will be sent to the cloud. Internal storage does not impact the camera's ability to upload to the cloud. I asked the Butterfleye team if the internal storage was used to buffer video (potentially slowing down the upload process). The team acknowledged that there might be the perception that video upload speeds would be impacted, but stated that they are working to ensure this will not be the case. Their goal is to make the process instantaneous when viewing live video footage.

Butterfleye also includes multiple sensors that can enhance your home's security. The camera detects motion, sound, and heat. If an event is detected, an alert will be sent to your connected phone. To make notifications more intelligent, Butterfleye includes Active Eye Intelligence. Active Eye learns and adjusts to give you smarter notifications. The camera can even detect the difference between a human and a pet as well as the difference between an empty room and one with activity.

If your room is empty, Butterfleye will sleep. If a pet enters a room, the camera will ignore the pet. If a person enters the room, it will record. Butterfleye says the camera recognizes and detects faces (known and unknown), though this is a feature I did not see in action.

The above smart features are combined with Activity Based Recording to make it easier to find relevant events when needed. Though the camera is always looking for trouble, it only uploads events to the cloud. Events being person detection, loud noises, etc.

Finally, though the camera can not be scheduled to turn on or off, Butterfleye does provide limited automation in regards to automatic arming and disarming.

From a privacy perspective, Butterfleye uses SSL encryption. They encrypt both pictures and video, assign each camera a unique private key, and assign a certificate used to authenticate with their server. Butterfleye uses Amazon Web Services to store pictures and video.

Butterfleye Software Behavior

Currently, Butterfleye only supports iOS devices, although an Android app is in the works. Using the app, you can watch live video and recorded video. It also comes with a built-in social sharing feature that allows you to save footage locally or share on social media.

Video Storage in the Cloud

Butterfleye offers 12 hours of free cloud storage. From a home security perspective, this is not enough storage but better than nothing. Imagine being on vacation for a couple of days. If you don't check for events every day, they're gone.

If you want more cloud storage, you'll have to pay. The good news is that you can get more cloud storage for as low as $4.99/month.

SupportsUnlimited CamerasUnlimited CamerasUnlimited CamerasUnlimited Cameras
Tech SupportLimited Support
Unlimited SupportUnlimited SupportUnlimited Support
Live Streaming VideoYES
Discount For Paying YearlyNO
$49.99 per year (Save $10)$149.99 per year (Save $30)$299.99 per year (Save $60)
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Compatible Devices and a Summary

Butterfleye is new, but it's not the newest camera in its family. Version 2, dubbed Nero 1, is on the way. Though compatibility between the cameras is not yet confirmed, we are assuming that they will work together.

 Nero 1Butterfleye
Internal Storage32GB16GB
Two-Way TalkImprovedIncluded
Battery Life18 Days14 Days
Nero 1 ReviewButterfleye Review
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Butterfleye also works with Amazon Echo. By adding an Alexa skill, you can have voice control over your camera. You can ask Alexa to tell you about recent events or even events from a specific day.

I know this was a lot of information to take in so let me break it down for you. Butterfleye is cordless and 100% battery powered. It has Active Eye technology to help cut down on unnecessary alerts. It does so by learning and by ignoring non-humans. Alerts are sent to a smartphone but only work with iOS devices for now. The camera comes with 12 hours of free cloud storage, but if you want more, you better be prepared to pay.

Butterfleye can be purchased directly from getbutterfleye.com $299.99 or you can purchase the 3 camera package for $549.99.