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Cameras That Work With Amazon Alexa

Alexa, being the forerunner of AI voice assistants, is no doubt a favorite among consumers and developers. Proof to that is the fact that dozens of smart home devices are now compatible with Alexa, including home security cameras.

How Alexa controls your security camera will depend on how you use it and what the camera's skill allows for. Skills are created by developers, usually backed by the camera maker. A skill might allow you to arm and disarm your camera, check on motion events, or even swap to a custom mode. Most skills are compatible with Echo ($99, Dolby speakers), Dot ($49, smaller size, smaller speaker), the all-new Echo Plus ($149, better speaker, built-in Zigbee hub) and Tap ($129, battery-powered). On the other hand, some skills are only compatible with Alexa-enabled devices that have or connect to screens, such as Echo Show ($229, 7" built-in screen), Echo Spot ($129, 2.5" round screen), Fire TV ($69, TV box), Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen ($39, streaming device), Fire Tablet (4th gen or later), and Fire TV edition smart TVs (smart TVs running Fire TV). Having a screen allows these devices to stream a live camera feed from compatible security cameras.

The cameras that work with all Alexa-enabled devices and those that work exclusively with Alexa devices with screens are not the same.

 UsageArm/Disarm With VoiceOther Voice CommandsRead ReviewCheck Price
Amazon Cloud CamIndoor CameraArm OnlyShow Camera, Hide Camera, What Are My Notifications, Play My Notifications, Delete My NotificationsCloud Cam Review
Blink Indoor CameraLast Motion Alert, What's My Schedule, What is My StatusBlink Review
Blink XTIndoors or OutdoorsLast Motion Alert, What's My Schedule, What is My StatusBlink XT Review
Chk-In CamIndoor CameraArm When it Detects Loud Sound or MotionTurn Camera On/Off, Launch Apps, Check Camera Status, Playback Event RecordingsNA
HomeboyIndoor CameraOpen AppHomeboy Review$149.00
KUNAOutdoors OnlyControl Lights, Discover DevicesKUNA Review
SkyBellVideo DoorbellChange Modes, Take Snapshots, Record Video, Turn Off ChimeSkyBell Review
Works with Screened Devices Only
Ring Video Doorbell 2
Video DoorbellShow Camera, Hide Camera, Start/Stop New Video, Listen to AudioRing Lineup Review
Ring Video Doorbell ProVideo DoorbellShow Camera, Hide Camera, Start/Stop New Video, Listen to AudioRing Lineup Review
Ring Floodlight CamOutdoor Camera w/ Built-In FloodlightShow Camera, Hide Camera, Start/Stop New Video, Listen to AudioRing Lineup Review
Arlo Pro and GoIndoors or OutdoorsShow Camera, Hide CameraArlo Review
Arlo Pro 2Indoors or OutdoorsShow Camera, Hide CameraArlo Pro 2 Review
Arlo BabyBaby MonitorShow Camera, Hide CameraArlo Baby Review
Arlo Q/ Arlo Q PlusIndoor CameraShow Camera, Hide CameraArlo Q Review
Dropcam and Dropcam ProIndoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera Dropcam ReviewNA
Nest Cam IndoorIndoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera Nest Cam Review
Nest Cam OutdoorIndoors or OutdoorsShow Camera, Hide Camera Nest Cam Outdoor Review
Nest Cam IQ
Indoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera Nest IQ Review
August Doorbell CamVideo DoorbellShow Camera, Hide CameraNA
Logi CircleIndoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera, Record, Turn On, Disable PrivacyLogi Circle Review
Logitech Circle 2Indoors or OutdoorsShow Camera, Hide Camera, Record, Turn On, Disable PrivacyLogi Circle 2 Review
EZVIZOffering Indoor and Outdoor CamerasShow Camera, Hide CameraEZVIZ Review
AMCREST IPM-723SOutdoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera, Discover DevicesAMCREST Review
AMCREST Pro HD Shield, HDSeriesIndoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera, Discover DevicesAMCREST Review$64.99
AMCREST Ultra HD ShieldIndoor CameraShow Camera, Hide Camera, Discover DevicesAMCREST Review
TP-Link Kasa CamIndoor Camera
Show Camera, Hide CameraComing Soon
Canary Flex (Integration Coming Soon)
Indoor or Outdoor Camera
UnknownShow Camera, Hide Camera
Canary Flex Review
Canary and Canary View (Integration Coming Soon)Indoor Cameras
UnknownShow Camera, Hide Camera
Canary Review

Security Cameras That Work With All Alexa-Enabled Devices

Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon owns Alexa, so of course, their first security camera, Amazon Cloud Cam, is compatible. Cloud Cam is an indoor-only security camera. It has a 1080p resolution, a viewing angle of 120°, and night vision. It doesn't offer many features out-of-the-box besides motion detection and geofencing; however, if you pay for a subscription (starting at $6.99/month for up to three cameras), you'll be able to unlock person detection and activity zones. Its features are similar to that of Nest Cam, but Cloud Cam and its subscription plans are less expensive than Nest and Nest Aware.


Blink and Blink XT are both battery-powered security cameras with promised battery-lives of up to two years. Blink is an indoor camera, while Blink XT can also work outdoors. Blink offers a 720p resolution, 110° viewing angle, motion detection, app access, and more.

Blink XT

XT kicks up Blink's specs a bit and adds the ability to work outside. The camera currently records in 720p though it is 1080p capable and also adds night vision, where the original Blink uses an illuminator to light up the dark.


Butterfleye is an indoor only, battery-powered camera with a promised battery life of two weeks with normal use. It has a FHD resolution at 1080p and a viewing angle of 100°. It lacks night vision, but it has smart features such as face detection, smart notifications via Active Eye, and internal memory for backup storage.

Chk-In Cam

Chk-In Cam is a unique one. It's a security camera, Android TV Box, and Skype webcam all-in-one designed to attach to your television. As a camera, its resolution is 720p, and it has 110° viewing angle. However, it lacks night vision and cloud storage. Still, it can protect your home with its ability to detect motion and unexpected noises.


Homeboy is yet another battery-powered security camera, this time, centered around preserving its battery life. To do so, it sacrifices a few features. It records in 480p, it lacks true night vision, and it can't stream live videos. It does have motion detection, and it lets you check in on your home by sending you a 30-second recorded clip upon request.


KUNA is an outdoor camera camouflaged as an outdoor light. It has a decent 720p resolution, 116° viewing angle, and several security features such as motion detection and motion-triggered lights. Although the unit works with Alexa, you should know that only the smart light feature can be controlled by Alexa.


SkyBell is a round-shaped doorbell camera. It's equipped with a 1080p camera with a 120 to 130° wide angle lens. Like most doorbell cameras, it can stream live videos to your phone if someone rings your doorbell or if the camera detects motion.

Coming Soon

There are also a couple of security cameras that are promised to work with Alexa soon.

One is iSmartAlarm's iCamera KEEP Pro. Though iSmartAlarm already has an Alexa Skill to control their security system, it doesn't support cameras.

The second camera is Somfy One by Somfy. Somfy One is promised to work with Alexa upon its release.

Security Cameras That Work Exclusively With Alexa Devices With Screens

Amazon now allows cameras to stream videos to Alexa-enabled devices with screens. This change came about shortly after the release of Echo Show.

If you own an Echo Show or Echo Spot, setting up video streaming is fairly easy as you simply plug them in, activate the right skill, and speak the correct command. Using a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire Tablet to stream footage from your security camera is a touch more complicated. Hands-free commands are only possible via your remote (for Fire TVs) or a Fire Tablet. Alternatively, you could use an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus to control your Fire TV or Stick. However, if you use this alternative setup, your TV needs to be on every time you plan to launch a live feed.

Take note that not all cameras below work with all Alexa devices with screens. For example, Nest Cam and August can stream to all options except Fire Tablets older than 7th Gen. You'll need to check with your camera's manufacturer for the final say on Alexa compatibility.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the second version of Ring's original doorbell camera. It's battery-powered, it has a 1080p resolution, and its viewing angle is 160°. Like its predecessor, it features motion detection with motion zones as well as live viewing via the Ring App.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Pro is a wired doorbell, which means it requires existing low-voltage doorbell wires. It has camera and security features similar to Ring Video Doorbell 2, but it has a slimmer form factor and interchangeable faceplates.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Ring Video Doorbell Elite is Ring's latest video doorbell and the most difficult to install. In fact, it is designed to be installed professionally. Unlike the other Ring doorbells, Elite uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) and is flush mount.

Camera-wise, Ring Elite is similar to Ring Pro, but it also has advanced motion detection with digital motion tracking.

Ring Floodlight Cam

Although Ring is best known for their doorbell cameras, they also have three outdoor cameras including Floodlight Cam, a weatherproof outdoor camera with two 3000°K floodlights. The camera offers a 1080p resolution and a 140° viewing angle. It also has a separate motion detector with a 270° field of view, object detection, face detection, and a remote-activated siren. The lights also activate when the camera detects motion.


Arlo (aka Arlo Wire-Free) is the camera that made Netgear's Arlo lineup popular. The indoor/outdoor camera is wire-free (battery-powered), but it does require a base station that must be plugged into an outlet. The camera's max resolution is 720p. It has a 110° viewing angle, and night vision. However, it lacks audio support, so both two-way talk and sound detection are unavailable.

Arlo Pro

Like Arlo, Arlo Pro is a wireless indoor/outdoor camera that requires a base station. Unlike Arlo, Arlo Pro supports audio. Arlo Pro's resolution is still 720p, but it does have 130° viewing angle. It also supports local video storage for USB devices.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 mimics Arlo Pro but offers four new features. First of all, the camera's resolution is improved to 1080p. The rest of the features require that you use the camera plugged-in, which also requires that you use the camera indoors: Look Back (captures three seconds before an event to reduce missed events), Activity Zones (create areas that Arlo should monitor and ignore), and CVR. CVR requires a paid plan but offers continuous video recording.

Arlo Go

Arlo Go is the twin brother of Arlo Pro, but with a unique feature: 4G connectivity. Unlike the other Arlo cameras that require a base station, Arlo Go is truly wireless. Instead of connecting to Wi-Fi via a base station, Arlo Go connects to the cloud using a 4G SIM Card, which means you can use it anywhere with a strong cellular signal. The downside is that you have to use 4G as it lacks Wi-Fi, and using 4G comes with a monthly fee.

Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby is a baby monitor fashioned after Arlo's security cameras. It's cute, but it holds a lot of power under the hood. It has advanced motion detection, excellent resolution, night vision, and smart sound detection that can identify the sound of a baby's cry. It also comes with a backup battery that can power the camera for a few hours.

Arlo Q/Q Plus

Unlike Arlo's other cameras, Q and Q Plus are not wireless. They are designed to be plugged in, or you can use PoE. Both cameras have a 1080p resolution, and 130° viewing angle and they are both capable of seeing up to 25 feet in the dark.

Nest Cam Indoor

As Dropcam's successor, Nest Cam Indoor is a pretty popular camera. It is smart, it is simple, and it does its job well. It has a 1080p resolution and based on our experience with Nest Cam, it does capture high-quality videos. However, most of its smart features, such as person detection, are activated by subscribing to Nest Aware, a $10/month (at least) cloud subscription service.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Years after Nest Cam was released, Nest created the Nest Cam Outdoor. It has the same features as Nest Cam Indoor but built for outdoor use. Like Nest Cam Indoor, its smart features are only available through a Nest Aware subscription.

Nest Cam IQ

Nest's latest camera, Nest Cam IQ, is their first 4K camera. It doesn't use its 4K image sensor to provide a better viewing resolution. Instead, it uses it for better zooming and motion tracking. If it sees a person move within its frame, it will automatically zoom and track. It also offers person detection out-of-the-box. If you subscribe to Nest Aware with Nest IQ, however, you'll get even smarter features such as face recognition.

August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam is a doorbell camera by August, the company best known for their smart locks. The August Doorbell Cam is a wired doorbell, which means you must have existing doorbell wires to use it. The doorbell's maximum resolution is 720p, and it supports motion detection and live viewing.

Logitech Circle

Logitech Circle was originally marketed as a lifestyle camera meant to capture special moments. Still, it has security features such as motion detection. It can even detect faces, and it supports motion zones, although these features require a subscription to Circle Aware. The camera's resolution is 1080p, and it has a field of view of 135°. It has night vision, but it can only see up to 15 feet in the dark.

Logitech Circle 2

Recently, Logitech released the second version of their Logi Circle camera: Circle 2. 2 is still battery-powered, but it's also weatherproof and more security-focused than the original Logi Circle. Its resolution remains at 1080p, but it has a wider viewing angle of 180 degrees. The night vision range on Circle 2 is still limited.


Mini O is a $60 basic home security camera. It has a 720p resolution, 111° viewing angle, night vision, two-way talk, and options for local and cloud storage. Mini O is as simple as it gets, but it's a good camera for a relatively low price.

EZVIZ Mini Plus

Mini Plus is slightly better than Mini O. It offers smart motion detection that can tell the difference between relevant and irrelevant alerts, a higher resolution (1080p), and a wider viewing angle (135°).

EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus

Mini 360 Plus is an indoor dome camera with the ability to pan and tilt. It has two unique features: panoramic shot and motion tracking. Panoramic shot lets you take a single panoramic photo that shows what's happening around the camera. You can tap on an area of the photo, and the camera will automatically pan that direction. The second feature, motion tracking, follows motion. Mini 360 Plus has a resolution of 1080p, and thanks to its pan-and-tilt feature, its viewing angle is 360°.


Husky is a bullet-style outdoor camera. It's weatherproof, has a 1080p resolution, it has a night vision range of up to 100 feet, plus it can withstand frigid temperatures.

Husky requires power from an outlet, or you can use an Ethernet cable to power the camera via PoE.

EZVIZ Mini Trooper

Mini Trooper is a battery-powered indoor/outdoor camera. Like the Arlo wireless cameras, Mini Trooper requires a base station to work. Each base station can support up to six Mini Troopers. The camera itself has a 1080p resolution and 116° viewing angle. It also has motion detection and can stream videos to your smartphone.


AMCREST IPM-723S is a wireless, bullet-type, outdoor camera. It's wireless in a sense that it connects via Wi-Fi, but it still needs AC power. It comes with features such as SD card recording, motion detection, a 960p resolution, 98 ft. night vision, and compatibility with AMCREST's NVRs.


Pro HD Shield is a simple indoor camera. It captures high-resolution videos at 960p, has a night vision range of up to 32 feet, a 140° field of view, and it can detect motion with support for motion zones. It also lets you record locally to a microSD card.

AMCREST Ultra HD Shield

Ultra HD Shield is similar to Pro HD Shield in all ways but one: the resolution. Pro HD Shield's max resolution is 960p, while Ultra HD Shield's max resolution is 1080p.


ProHD is another indoor camera, but what's special about it is that it can pan and tilt. It features a resolution of 720p, a narrower viewing angle of 85°, and advanced motion detection. Just like the other AMCREST cameras on this list, it can record to a microSD card, to the cloud, or to an AMCREST NVR.


AMCREST ProHD is yet another pan-and-tilt camera. It has features similar to HDSeries, but offers a 1080p resolution and a 90° viewing angle.

TP-Link Kasa Cam

Kasa Cam is TP-Link's first attempt at selling security cameras. It's similar to Nest Cam Indoor with a 1080p resolution, 130° viewing angle, and night vision. It also comes with two days of free cloud storage, detection zones, and two-way talk.

Canary Flex

Canary Flex is an indoor/outdoor battery-powered security camera made by Canary. It offers up to a 1080p resolution, night vision, and smart features such as Person and Package Detection.

Canary All-In-One Indoor

Canary All-In-One is an indoor camera from Canary that boasts home health monitoring features such as its air sensing ability and temperature and humidity sensing abilities. It offers a 1080p resolution, night vision, two-way talk, and more.

Canary View

Canary View is the latest camera from Canary and has all of the features of Canary All-In-One minus home health monitoring. It's the least expensive camera option from Canary.


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    I would check your sources on the compatibility of several of these cameras and the Amazon Spot as they are not correct. The camera may be compatible (or partially compatible) with Show and not compatible at all with Spot.

    • Vanessa Stanley 30 January, 2018 at 16:25 Reply

      We have confirmed that Nest, Arlo, August, Logitech, Ring, EZVIZ, and Amcrest cameras work with Echo Show and Echo Spot.

      We have not confirmed Echo Spot support for Kasa Cam.

      Regardless, we updated the article to suggest researching connectivity first. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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