CleverLoop - Security Camera System That Values Your Privacy

Hardware Criteria7
Software Criteria5.6
Video Storage9.6
IP Rating / Weatherproofing10
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews8.9
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2015 was definitely a huge year for security cameras. And right before the year ended, another security camera was added to the ever-expanding list—CleverLoop. CleverLoop is a startup that was launched on IndieGoGo. They started shipping to backers in December and have since opened the door to others. Yes, you can now buy it too. The question is, should you?


  • Local and Cloud Storage
  • Works Inside and Outside
  • Night Vision - 65 Feet


  • Requires a Hub
  • Brand New Product Not Fully Tested
  • Fewer Features Than Other Cameras in Same Price Range

CleverLoop is a Three Part System

CleverLoop’s system is made of 3 components — a base station, indoor camera, and an outdoor camera. (Though you can choose just indoor or outdoor cameras if you want.) This is slightly different from other indoor camera options like Arlo and Ulo where the camera component can be moved from inside your house to outside at will.

Cleverloop Base

The base station is the brains of the system and you won’t be able to use your cameras without it. It works as a hub that ties your cameras together and processes real-time footage before determining if there is a threat, or not, and sending an alert.

If you are into privacy, this should make you happy. Other self-contained cameras, like Nest, send footage directly to the cloud for processing. And though this is an advantage for Cleverloop, it is also a disadvantage. First, setting up the system is is more difficult than your average plug-and-play camera like Nest or Piper. You’ll have to run an Ethernet cable to the base station then configure each camera’s connection afterwards. Second, a base station (which costs more than $100 based on my computation) can only support four cameras. Should you need to add more, you’ll have to buy another base station.

Base Station Specs


  • Processor: 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 Quadcore
  • Bus: DDR 800MHz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Storage: 8GB on-board storage


  • Local Storage: MicroSD Card Slot located on each camera
  • Cloud Storage: Stores up to 7 days of event clips.
  • External Hard Drive: Supports external USB storage device for continuous recording.
  • Unlimited Clip Downloads

CleverLoop Cameras

CleverLoop has 2 cameras in its line-up. The first one is intended for indoor use, while the other is a rugged outdoor camera that is weather proof.

Indoor Camera

  • Resolution: HD 720p
  • Field of View: 115 degrees
  • Night Vision: Automatic; powered by IR LEDs
  • 2-Way Audio Enabled: Yes
  • Connection: Ethernet Port (wired); 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (Wireless)

Outdoor Camera

  • Resolution: HD 720p
  • Field of View: 60 degrees
  • Night Visions: Automatic; up to 65ft.
  • IP Rating: IP66 (water-proof; dust-proof)
  • Connection: Ethernet Port (wired); 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (Wireless)

CleverLoop’s Smart Features

Everything we’ve seen from CleverLoop so far shouts average. But there is more "smart-ness" to be seen. For one, they claim that the cameras has the ability to learn which motion events are important and which are not a.k.a Clever Learning. That is done through algorithms stored in the base station. CleverLoop is not the first camera to offer smart motion detection. Canary also offers this for free, but analysis of =video is done in the cloud, which some may consider a threat to their privacy. Camio, a software service for security cameras, offers this feature starting at around $10/month. The problem with smart learning is that it can be hit or miss. It takes a lot of compute power to make smart learning possible and sometimes it feels like companies don't invest enough to make this feature work the way it should.

Another smart feature is CleverLoop's remote smartphone control using their iOS and Android app. The app lets you do 4 things:

(1)activate 2-way audio
(2)see live video footage
(3)receive notifications
(4)set your system to the right mode

Two-Way Audio:

CleverLoop's indoor camera has a two-way audio feature. This feature will allow you to speak with someone through the camera, whether it's a family member, intruder, or your furry friend.

Live Video Footage:

You can also use the app to access live-videos on-demand. It pays to know for sure that everything at home is going well while you are away and checking in from anywhere can certainly help you achieve peace of mind.


When armed correctly, the camera will send a push notification to your smartphone when an alert is triggered. Additionally, you can set up the app on more than one smartphone so you and your family members can receive alerts.

Arming Your Camera:

CleverLoop has 3 modes that you can activate using the app:

1. “Stay-Armed”, which arms your system to trigger alerts regardless of your schedule and your location.
2. “Stay-Disarmed”, will disarm your cameras so they won’t trigger alarms, but will keep recording.
3. “Auto-Arm” which enables geo-fencing (cameras will disarm when you are at home) and scheduling.

By far, auto-arm is my favorite. And while I haven't tested Cleverloop, I have tested this feature on other cameras and it is extremely handy. The camera will remember to protect your home, even if you don't.

Taking it a step further, you can arm the cameras individually or in zones, assuming you have multiple cameras. For example, you can set one camera up to arm with auto-arm, another with a schedule, and a third with stay-armed.


There’s one last thing left to mention before you decide to order a CleverLoop of your own, and that’s price. The cameras are sold in bundles and you can order any combination or indoor and outdoor cameras.

  • 1 base station + 1 camera: $279
  • 1 base station + 2 cameras: $349
  • 1 base station + 3 cameras: $399
  • 1 base station + 4 cameras: $449
  • 1 Add-on camera: $79

The pricing puts Cleverloop in the same category as Piper ($279.99) or even Angee ($312.00). However, the camera lacks extra sensors and features that other cameras in this price range have. For example, Piper also has temperature sensors, humidity sensors, Z-Wave integration, and a built-in siren. Angee has home device integration, a voice-controlled personal assistant, and zone detection. However, if you need more than one camera, Cleverloop's pricing quickly becomes more attractive. For example, buying two cameras reduces the per camera cost to $174.50 where buying two Piper cameras will lower the camera cost to $214.50 (assuming you buy one nv and one classic). And with Cleverloop, the pricing gap widens if you jump to three cameras, reducing the per camera cost to $116.

While Cleverloop can't play with other devices and isn't sensor packed, it is a simple solution. Whether it works as promised or not, I can't say. What I can say is that it does stand on its own with the following features:

  • No monthly fees. Cloud storage is free.
  • Puts high value on privacy by processing alerts locally in the base station.
  • You can optionally store videos locally into an SD card or to a hard drive.
  • Option between indoor and outdoor cameras.

You can learn more by checking out their website or you can purchase on Amazon.

4/10/2016 Updated now that Cleverloop is no longer pre-selling.

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