EZVIZ Cameras: Affordable Home Security Solutions

Home security cameras are becoming more affordable, but functionality isn’t being sacrificed for affordability. If anything, they have more features than ever before. EZVIZ is at the forefront of this “pay less, get more” movement. They’ve developed several home security cameras, each with a low price tag and each unique.

MiniMini +Mini IQMini Cube
Digital ZoomYES
Viewing Angle115°135° 140°135°
Two-Way AudioNO
OtherNACan be used as a webcam.Ambient temp and humidity sensors, Z-WaveOutdoor
Night VisionYES
Motion DetectorYES
Yes & SmartYes & SmartYES
Local StorageUp to 64GBUp to 128GBUp to 128GBUp to 128GB
Cloud StorageYes and 1st Year Free*Yes and 1st Month Free*Yes and 1st Month Free*YES
Battery Back-upNO

*A current promotion gives you 1 year free cloud storage with Mini, and 1 month free with Mini+ and Mini IQ. Otherwise, CloudPlay subscriptions cost $4.99/month or $49.99/year for 7 days of storage or $9.99/month or $99.99/year for 30 days of storage.

1. The EZVIZ Mini

The Mini is the cheapest of all the EZVIZ home security camera options, with a price tag of under $70. The camera offers live footage from the free EZVIZ app, giving you 720p HD resolution and night vision capability. It also works as a motion detector and sends you notifications when triggered. You can schedule the motion detector to turn on or off at set times and you may need a schedule, as this camera is known for being overly sensitive.

The Mini does not have two-way audio, but does have a built-in microphone so that you can record and playback audio in your video clips. All videos can be stored on a microSD (up to 64GB), in the cloud, or to the EZVIZ hard drive.

2. EZVIZ Mini+

The Mini+ camera is, as you might expect, an upgraded version of the Mini. For $89.99, this camera adds new features including a higher 1080p HD resolution. Like the Mini, it has night vision and motion detection with notifications. But even the motion detection is upgraded. The camera can tell the difference between significant and insignificant motion; it will ignore trees blowing in the wind but will notify you when a person walks by.

Mini+ also has two-way audio, allowing you to communicate through the app and the camera. If home security isn't your thing, you can use the camera as a webcam by connecting it to your computer. The Mini+ offers slightly more in the way of local storage as well, it is compatible with microSD cards up to 128GB. Like all EZVIZ cameras, it also has the option to record to the cloud or to the separately sold storage device.

3. EZVIZ Mini IQ


At $139.99, the Mini IQ isn’t quite as affordable as its counterparts, but it is less expensive than most home security cameras. The Mini IQ shares the same basic features as the Mini and Mini+, but what really sets it apart from the other EZVIZ cameras is that it's smart. It has ambient temperature and humidity sensors and it includes Z-Wave technology. The camera acts as the hub and can communicate with other smart products including lights, locks, and thermostats.

Also giving this camera an edge is the built-in battery. If you prefer, you can monitor your home by plugging it into an outlet, but IQ works with a battery too. When the camera runs on battery power, it goes into a power saving mode that uses the PIR motion sensor as a wake up mechanism. When promoted, the camera will wake up and start recording. Unlike other battery powered cameras, the IQ is quick to wake up. It is able to start recording about 600 milliseconds after motion is detected.

The Mini IQ offers the same storage options as the Mini+.

4. EZVIZ Mini Cube

The Mini Cube is a $109.99 outdoor camera. It offers 1080p HD resolution and has night vision. With motion detection and notification of events, the Cube works like the indoor EZVIZ cameras.

The Cube does not have two-way audio, but it does have the option for DC or battery power, like the Mini IQ. Using the same PIR detection as the IQ, this camera has a speedy wake-up time when running on battery power.

Crispr and Ultra4: Advanced Home Security Systems

If you need more power, EZVIZ has developed two options that are both powerful and energy conscious: Crispr and Ultra4. While these two options can be used in homes, they are also well suited for commercial use.

The cameras also share an impressive feature - InfraNova energy-saving LEDs. The advanced LEDs are so powerful, that two LEDs can take the place of many. The cameras are able to see up to 100 feet at night using just two InfraNovas.

1. Crispr


Crispr is an analog wired solution. According to a company press release,

"The Crispr analog wired security solution supports up to 3MP video input and features real time 30 fps display on every channel. Its video compression reduces bandwidth and storage an impressive 50% compared to H.264 and requires no rewiring of existing coaxial cabling, making it simple to upgrade an existing solution."

The Crispr solution runs $599.99.

2. Ultra4


On the other hand, Ultra4 supports up to a 4K 8MP video input.

"The IP Ultra4 wired security solution supports up to 4K 8MP video input and HDMI 2.0 output to display, along with 4K video for monitoring applications. It supports H.265 high-performance video compression and features live and playback viewing at 4K UHD resolution or 1080p HD resolution, when viewing eight or more channels at a time."


EZVIZ is starting to build a robust lineup that will appeal to many. However, the cameras don't play well with other popular smart home devices, don't connect to other home security systems, and may be confusing to the average homeowner. On top of that, the Mini isn't reviewing well with 2.5 stars on Amazon and many professional reviewers agreeing the performance is lackluster.

On a positive note, you can mix and match EZVIZ cameras. While we didn't get a clear answer at CES, we were told that you can use at least 4 cameras with one app login, but the rep said that it's possible the app is capable of supporting even more cameras.

If interested, you can learn more about EZVIZ at EZVIZLIFE.com or you can purchase the cameras on Amazon. Keep in mind that you can only buy the Mini and Bullet camera packages at this time, all other devices are still "coming soon".