Free Cloud Storage for Dropcam is Possible

GREAT NEWS! Nest Cam and Dropcam now offer 3 hours of snapshot history for free. But what if you want more? Unfortunately, I am not aware of a way to get more. While this article was written while it was possible to obtain free storage from Camio, that is no longer the case.

Dropcam is an incredible security camera but for those who want to store footage in the cloud, the long-term cost can be high with monthly fees piling up year after year. If you are open to adding a cloud software layer on top of Dropcam, you can be free from monthly fees with free cloud storage from Camio. Camio provides Dropcam owners 30-day cloud storage and advanced image processing that scrunches each day into the 51 seconds that matter – automatically. The first camera is free. Actively recording on more than one Dropcam will require a monthly fee but there are reasons why you might want to consider Camio's software over Dropcam's.

What is Camio?

Camio is software that works with multiple devices, not just Dropcam. Camio works much like Manything, Presence, and AtHome in that you can use the software to turn new or old smartphones and tablets into free security cameras. You can also use a computer or ... of course ... Dropcam. The Camio team includes two former Googlers and the co­founder of Imeem. They've used their industry knowledge to create software that is truly smart.

Camio includes free video monitoring, smart alerts, secure cloud storage, and advanced software. Their advanced learning software will learn what events are important and over time deliver alerts that are useful. On top of learning software, Camio features the ability to keyword search through footage. For example, you may want to find out if anyone walked near your garage on a particular day. You would literally search "person walking near garage" and Camio will search and return matching footage. It treats footage like data and makes that data valuable.

The camera uploads to Camio whenever there's motion. Algorithms analyze the motion to figure out what's important, often distilling 24 hours into less than 2 minutes of video with relevant activity. The user receives instant alerts via phone and/or email when there is video with important activity.

Users have complete control over alerts. Alerts can be sent by phone, email, or not at all. Also, alerts can be sent for all activity or only when motion is detected in "interest zones". Interest zones are essentially areas that you select within the camera's field of view that are areas that you want monitored. Using Camio's software your camera will monitor within your interest zone while ignoring everything else. This can really help cut down on alerts and also make the alerts you do receive more intelligent.

All of these features work together to make Camio bandwidth friendly. It only uploads when motion is detected and can run at low frame rates. According to Camio, the exact bandwidth used depends on the chosen video resolution, but HD typically peaks at 240Kbps.

Setting Up Camio

Setting up Camio is simple. The first step is to choose the device you want to use as your camera. This can be an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, your webcam, an IP camera, or a Dropcam.

Once you select your recording device, you must select the device you want to use to view the footage. Usually this would be an active smartphone though you can also use tablets or your computer as the viewer.

The next step is to download the Camio app or to sign into your Camio account. Once signed in, you're done. The setup process should take less than 5 minutes.

Cost of Camio

Recording to 1 active device is free and includes 30-days of cloud video storage, the real-time search feature, activity zones for smarter motion detection, and alerts. If you want to record actively from multiple devices the cost is $9.00 per month per camera. You can use Camio to monitor an unlimited amount of cameras. In fact, the more the merrier. When you monitor multiple cameras through Camio you can stitch together video to create a wider view.

If you are interested in trying out Camio, check them out here.

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