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Halo Home Classic & Vantage Security Camera Review

Most security cameras focus on functionality, but there are a few that are both useful and pleasing to the eye. Halo Home's Classic and Vantage cameras are perfect examples. Both cameras offer security features that will enhance your home security, but they're also sexy.

Halo Home Classic vs. Vantage: Hardware & Installation

Classic is a camera designed for table-top placement. It runs on battery power for up to nine months on a single charge, but you can also plug it in and use the battery as backup power. Where most camera makers stick with black or white, Classic is designed to stand out. The camera comes in three flavors: gold with a white cylinder base, silver with a white cylinder base, and gold with a maple wood base.

Vantage is a camera and a light bulb in one device. It fits an E-26 bulb socket and is recommended to replace PAR30 or BR30 light bulbs. Like Classic, the camera can run on battery power, but only for up to fourteen days. The good news is that the camera recharges automatically every time you turn on the light. It takes about two hours to charge the camera's battery fully. Vantage comes in two color options: gold and silver.

Both cameras are for indoor use only.

Image & Video Quality

Although the two Halo Home cameras differ in design, they are identical in features. Both of them offer a 1080p FHD resolution and they both stream and record at 30 frames per second. They are also equipped with a 150-degree wide-angle lens. Both cameras can see during the day and night, thanks to IR LEDs, although Vantage has a slight adVANTAGE (get it?) because it has an added LED light that you can manually turn on or off.

The viewing experience you'll get from Classic and Vantage is further improved by their audio features. Both cameras can stream and record videos with sound thanks to their built-in high-quality microphones. You can also talk through the camera using the two-way voice feature.

Halo Home Classic & Vantage To Enhance Home Security

All Halo Home cameras have three security modes: Away, Home, and Privacy. In Away mode, the cameras are on the lookout for activity. If they detect motion, they will send you a notification through your smartphone. Home mode is customizable. You can set the cameras to look for motion and record events or you can set them to turn off for privacy. In Privacy mode, the cameras will completely shut down and ignore their surroundings.

When monitoring for activity, Halo Home cameras use intelligent motion detection. The cameras know if movement detected is caused by a person, pet, or something else. The cameras will only notify you if they see a person. The alert you'll receive will give you three options: Alarm, Police, or Talk. If you choose Alarm, your camera's built-in speaker will blare an alarm sound. If you choose Police, your phone will automatically dial 911. If you choose Talk, you'll be able to talk to the intruder using the two-way talk feature.

In addition to person detection, Halo Home is working on scene analysis to further improve alerts. Scene analysis includes facial recognition and activity recognition. Halo Home cameras should soon be able to tell if the person seen is a recognized family member or a stranger. They will also be able to tell you what the person is doing. For example, it can tell you if an unknown person opens a cabinet, which could mean that a burglary is in progress. Unfortunately, while scene analysis is promising, there is no lead time yet as to when it will become available and who knows if it will perform as promised.

Halo Home Video Storage

As mentioned earlier, the Halo Home Classic and Vantage cameras can automatically record motion-based events. Each Halo Home camera comes with 24-hours of complimentary cloud storage space for motion-triggered events. If you need to store your videos for a longer time, you can always pay for a premium cloud subscription plan. Doing so will cost you $9.99/month for 14 days of cloud storage or $19.99/month for 30 days of storage.

The problem with cloud storage is that when you lose internet or power, your camera will also lose the ability to upload videos. So in addition to cloud storage, Halo Home cameras come with onboard storage. If the cameras can't upload videos, they will temporarily store the clips locally.

Halo Home Vantage vs. Sengled Snap vs. Other Options

Halo Home Vantage may sound unique, but it's not the only camera/light combo. First, there's Sengled Snap.

When compared to Halo Home Vantage, Sengled Snap has its pros and cons. One advantage it has over Halo Home is that Snap is a smart light bulb, which means you can control the light bulb using your smartphone. You can't do the same with Vantage. Also, Snap can be installed outdoors. Finally, it's cheaper. The biggest disadvantage of Snap is the fact that it's made by a light bulb company, not a security camera company. In fact, Snap is Sengled's only security camera product.

 Halo Home Vantage
Sengled Snap
UsageIndoors OnlyIndoor/Outdoor Use
Viewing Angle
Motion Detection
Person DetectionYES
Coming Soon, Subscription Required
Facial RecognitionComing SoonNO
Motion Zones
Yes, Subscription Required
Sound Detection
Two-Way AudioYES
Local Storage
Free Cloud Storage
Premium Cloud Storage$9.99/month$3.99/month
Extra FeaturesAdjustable Camera Angle, Siren, Scene Recognition Coming SoonSmart Lighting Features

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There are other options that combine the power of lighting with a security camera. Ring Floodlight Cam and Ring Spotlight Cam are both such options though they are both executed differently. Instead of using a light bulb design, both cameras are as their names imply. Ring Floodlight is a floodlight and a camera that has advanced features like object and facial detection. Spotlight Cam includes a spotlight that you can control from anywhere in the world. Finally, Kuna is a porch light combined with a security camera.

How Much is Halo Home?

Halo Home security cameras offer a lot of unique security features including person detection, but there's one more thing to consider: How much are they?

Classic Gold, Classic Silver, Vantage Gold, and Vantage Silver are all $349 each. Classic Maple is even more expensive, selling for $399. You can check them out here.

Are they worth it? If you're looking for a camera for home security and nothing more, there are better options. For example, check out Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2. Both cameras are battery-powered, like Halo Home, and they offer more free cloud storage (7 days). They also feature intelligent motion detection, and they work both indoors and outdoors. You can snag Arlo Pro for as low as $249 or an Arlo Pro 2 for $479.99. Of course, if you're looking for a camera combined with a light bulb, your options are limited, and Halo Home is worth considering.

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