Hugo Security Camera

HUGO is an Alexa-Enabled Robotic Camera

Remember Moorebot, the talking camera with robotic abilities and a fun personality? Sure, he’s lovable, but, he doesn't have what it takes to be called a security camera. Simply put, he lacks the all-important security features of a real security camera, such as motion detection and night vision. Still, we were hoping that his creators, Pilot Labs, would eventually add these features to Moorebot and turn him into a robotic security camera. Sadly, they have not. Instead, Pilot Labs has partnered with Hubble Connected to launch another robotic camera…this time, one that can enhance your home security. Meet HUGO, Moorebot's harder working clone.


  • Motion, sound, and temperature sensor
  • Motion tracking
  • Alexa-enabled


  • Lacks night vision

Image & Video Quality

HUGO is an exact clone of Moorebot. He has a head that looks like a giant eye socket, an eyeball-like camera that can pan and tilt, and an eyelid that covers the camera when you want privacy. He is powered by four high-grade stepper motors. One controls the turning of his head, another controls his eyelid, and the last two control the panning and tilting of his eyeball.

HUGO’s camera offers a 1080p resolution, which is similar to the resolution found in our top-rated indoor cameras. However, what sets HUGO apart is his ability to pan and tilt. Even though his viewing angle is only 110°, he can take a sweeping look around an entire room. Aside from that, he can also track and follow people. More on this later.

HUGO has a lot of good features, but he's not free from disadvantages. One of the BIGGEST problems with HUGO is his lack of night vision. Security cameras are supposed to watch over your home day and night, but HUGO is only a great security camera when there's ample light. In total darkness, he loses his eyesight along with his ability to protect your home. Is there a solution for this shortcoming? Unfortunately, for a camera to have night vision, it needs the right hardware, like IR LEDs, something HUGO doesn't offer. If you're going to buy HUGO, the best you can do is keep your place well lit.

HUGO to Enhance Home Security

Unlike Moorebot, HUGO is well-equipped to protect your home during the day. He can detect unwanted motion and loud noises. He can even tell the difference between a moving branch and a walking person, a feature that can potentially decrease false alarms. In addition, HUGO monitors the temperature to alert you when the air in your home becomes too warm or too cold. When there's a need for your immediate attention, HUGO will send notifications via the Hubble app.

HUGO can also track movement with the help of his pan-and-tilt feature. If someone walks into the room, for example, HUGO will turn his head to follow and keep the person within his field of view while recording, making sure that every movement is captured.

HUGO is also capable of working with other systems, particularly, with IVO, another product developed by Hubble. IVO is a smart home hub that controls a lineup of cameras, security sensors, smart thermostats, smart lights, and more. Integrating HUGO with IVO allows you to automate your home's security. For example, you can create a rule that triggers your smart lights if HUGO detects motion. Using IVO's app, you can also watch a live video feed and even call for help during an emergency.

Video Storage

HUGO can save videos locally or to the cloud. Locally, he can store videos thanks to onboard memory. His onboard storage is limited to 2GB. If that's not enough, you can swap out the card. HUGO's microSD slot supports memory cards up to 32GB.

If you want to store videos in the cloud, you can take advantage of Hubble Connected's cloud service. They offer both a free and paid plan. The free plan offers limited storage and only stores videos that are manually recorded; it doesn't record motion-triggered videos. If you want to store motion clips in the cloud, you'll have to subscribe to one of the paid plans below:

 FREE Plan
24-Hour Plan
7-Day Plan30-Day Plan
Cost if Paid Monthly$0.00$2.99/month$9.99/month$29.99/month
Cost if Paid Yearly$0.00$29.00$99.00$299.00
StorageLimited storage for manually recorded videos
Stores motion detection videos from the past 24 hoursStores motion detection videos from the past 7 daysStores motion detection videos from the past 30 days
CamerasUnlimitedCovers up to 4 camerasCovers up to 4 camerasCovers up to 10 cameras

Alexa Integration and Other Smart Features

HUGO is not only a security camera, but he's also a smart assistant thanks to Amazon's Alexa Voice Service, which means HUGO has Alexa's abilities. With your voice, you can ask Hugo to turn on your lights, play your favorite Amazon Music playlist, search the internet, give you a briefing of the day's weather, and more. Alexa Voice Service connects HUGO to several smart home products and services.

Pilot Labs and Hubble are also looking into the possibility of home automation based on the current mood of owners. At CES 2017, the companies showcased HUGO's ability to detect emotions. Simply by looking at a face, he can tell whether a person is angry, happy, sad, disgusted, surprised, or afraid. Where does this technology apply? If he sees that you're sad, for example, he can search and play uplifting music from your playlist. Or if he sees that you're afraid, he can brighten up your lights.

Both Alexa integration and emotion detection will also be added to Moorebot via firmware updates.

A Quick Summary

HUGO is a robotic camera with impressive features. He's almost identical to Moorebot, but with enhanced home security features. If you're looking for a fun robot companion that can protect your home, HUGO is a good option.

HUGO is expected to hit the shelves later this year. HUGO's price is still unknown, but early estimates point to $300. You can keep track of HUGO's progress at

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