iSensor HD Patio Hands-On Review

Hardware Criteria7.4
Software Criteria4.3
Video Storage8.3
IP Rating / Weatherproofing3.8
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews6.9
Reader Rating: (5 Rates)8.1

I've been testing the iSensor HD Patio for three weeks. I have a good grasp of the pros and cons of this outdoor camera and that is exactly what I intend to explore.

The iSensor HD Patio is a new camera by Amaryllo that was created based upon consumer demand. After the release of the iSensor HD, the Amaryllo team received requests for an outdoor version. Like the iSensor HD, the Patio was launched with the same pleasing small footprint but enclosed in a weather resistant case that can withstand the elements.

  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Works with Indoor Camera
  • NAS Support


  • Over Zealous Motion Detection
  • Lacks Night Vision
  • Lacks A Way to Quickly Sort Stored Footage

The iSensor HD Patio's Camera Quality

iSensor-HD-patioThe iSensor HD Patio can record in HD up to 30 frames per second, 720p. However, it automatically adjusts depending upon your available bandwidth. Like the indoor iSensor HD, the camera provides a solid viewing experience during the day and a poor experience at night. As the camera is outside, I worried about lag issues or video quality but the camera performed perfectly. All the features worked and I was able to control the camera both on my wireless internet and also from remote locations. The camera can mechanically pan 180 degrees and when combined with the wide-angle lens you can get up to a 240 degree viewing angle yet the picture remains free of distortion. The camera can stream live footage and provides multiple options for storage which we will discuss later.

The iSensor HD Patio does not offer IR night vision which is why the night experience is mediocre. Instead, the camera is equipped with a LED light that turns on if an event is detected or that can be left on 24/7 when the light sensor senses light is low. For this reason, the Amaryllo team suggests that you use the Patio in an area that already has light like a Patio or near your swimming pool.

iSensor HD Patio to Enhance Home Security

The iSensor HD Patio has a few features that make it an interesting option for home security. First of all, the LED light that we already discussed. While it does provide some limited visibility at night, it is also meant to scare away intruders. That is why it's called an "Intruder Warning Light". Second, the Patio has a has a built-in alarm that emits an audible sound if an event is detected. Alarm is sort of a strong word as the siren is pretty quiet but is loud enough to draw attention from an intruder and may possible thwart an attempted break-in.

A third security feature offered by Amaryllo on the Patio and other models is called pre-event recording. Your camera purchase will include a 4GB MicroSD card. If you have your camera set to record footage to your Google Drive or NAS (more on that later) the internal memory will push pre-event footage and actual event footage to the cloud. Having the option to view the additional footage is extremely helpful and increases the likelihood that you will capture a useful image.

Fourth, the iSensor Patio can be charged by standard power or by using a USB battery pack giving you greater creativity when placing the camera.

Fifth, you can monitor both the indoor iSensor HD and the Patio from the same app for expanded home security coverage.

Finally, the Patio has built-in motion detection, sound detection, and two-way audio. There is no option to schedule arm and disarm and they do not offer activity zones or other features to make motion detection more intelligent. This is a major problem with the outdoor version of the camera depending upon placement. In my opinion these features are critical when selecting an outdoor camera.

In addition to home security, Amaryllo takes personal privacy seriously. From a privacy perspective the Patio is good. They employ 256-bit encryption which is better than most cameras and arguably the best. Also, they use Google servers for video storage and WebRTC to transmit video.

According to the Amaryllo Indiegogo page,

Breaking a symmetric 256-bit key by brute force requires 2128 times more computational power than a 128-bit key. 50 supercomputers that could check a billion billion (1018) AES keys per second (if such a device could ever be made) would, in theory, require about 3×1051 years to exhaust the 256-bit key space.

The iSensor HD Patio App and Cloud Storage

Amaryllo is set to launch a new app appropriately named Amaryllo. This new app will unify their multiple camera types so that you can control them under one master app. Also, the new app will support an unlimited amount of cameras. Finally, the new app will offer NAS support and you will be given the option to record to your Google Drive, NAS device, or not at all. For now there is an Android version of this app but not an iPhone version so iPhone users should download the iSensor HD app. Through the app you can customize alerts, setup storage, and also view live streaming video for up to 4 iSensors including a combination of iSensor HDs and Patios.

When it comes to NAS and Google Drive storage, the Patio can monitor for events and send event footage to the cloud or it can constantly record footage to the cloud. Google offers 15GB of free storage through Google Drives. From Google Drive you can download or share videos or delete them to create room for new videos. The only problem with this setup is that there isn't a way to quickly filter through all the footage. This is an issue because the motion detection is extremely sensitive. More than likely you will have a significant amount of footage to shift through at the end of the day. In addition to NAS and Google Drive support the Patio offers 4GB of internal storage. This storage is really just to pre-record events and can also power the push picture notifications. It is not really for event storage.

A Quick Summary, Compatible Devices, and Pricing Comparison

For the person that wants the bottom line, let me lay it out for you. The iSensor HD patio is easy to set up, offers 15GB of free cloud storage, and multiple built-in security features. On the downside this outdoor camera lacks the ability to fine tune motion detection and sort through the cloud footage that is recorded in an efficient manner. While the Patio does play with other Amaryllo cameras, it does not work with any other cameras, home security systems, or home automation devices.

iSensor HD Patio on the Amaryllo Store $199.90

iSensor HD on Amazon $159.90

On the Amaryllo Store $159.90

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