icamera keep pro review

iSmartAlarm iCamera KEEP Pro Review

Hardware Criteria8.3
Software Criteria7.1
Home Automation10
Video Storage7.7
Encryption, Encoding, and Care6.3
Hands-On/User Reviews and Pricing6.6
Reader Rating: (2 Rates)9.9

iSmartAlarm, the company behind Spot and iCamera KEEP, is launching another camera called the iCamera KEEP Pro. And while we've tried the original device and Spot, we probably aren't going to go hands-on with Pro. Why? It shares many of the same features as its predecessors. In fact, it even has the same body type as the first KEEP. However, just because we aren't going to try it, doesn't mean you shouldn't. It has some seriously cool features including robotic tracking.


  • 1080p Resolution
  • Motion Tracking
  • Sound Recognition


  • No Outdoor Monitoring Option
  • No Paid Cloud Storage Options

Image & Video Quality

The iCamera KEEP Pro, like the original KEEP, is an indoor pan-and-tilt camera. Using the app, you can make the camera turn left or right up to 350° and up or down up to 40°. In addition to pan-and-tilt, KEEP Pro uses lossless digital zoom to magnify a scene up to 8 times. What is lossless zoom? In most cameras that use digital zoom, there's a visible loss of image quality as you zoom in. With lossless zoom technology, the loss becomes less apparent. As a result, the zoomed image appears more detailed than normal. In some ways this is comparable to Nest Cam's ability to "enhance" a zoomed image.

KEEP Pro's highest resolution is 1080p. It is backed by a 4MP sensor, a 140° wide angle lens, and night vision that can see up to 30 feet away. This is an improvement over KEEP, which records in 720p resolution, has a 77.5° viewing angle, and can see 26 feet at night.

iCamera KEEP PRO to Enhance Home Security

KEEP Pro can work as a standalone camera or as a part of the iSmartAlarm home security system. However you use it, it can enhance your home's security using its motion sensor, sound recognition, and motion tracking.

Its motion sensor combines several techniques to reduce false alarms. First, the sensor's sensitivity level can be adjusted. Second, it allows you to create custom activity zones that will only detect motion from areas that need to be monitored. And third, it can distinguish motion caused by people from those triggered by objects. If it detects motion, KEEP Pro can either send you an email, text, or push notification, record a 10-second clip, sound the iSmartAlarm siren (if connected to an iSmart system), or do all three.

Another built-in security feature is sound recognition, a feature found in iSmartAlarm's Spot camera. Sound recognition is different from sound detection as it doesn't only detect loud sound but can tell you what made the sound. Currently, Spot and KEEP Pro can recognize the sound of smoke alarms and CO detectors. For example, if your smoke alarm is triggered, KEEP Pro can warn you that it heard your smoke alarm instead of just telling you it heard a loud sound.

The final built-in security feature is motion tracking. KEEP Pro is the first iSmartAlarm camera to have this feature, but other brands have already explored the technology. When KEEP Pro detects motion, it follows it by panning and tilting to keep the moving person in sight without help from you.

KEEP Pro can further enhance your security if you add it to an iSmartAlarm security system. iSmartAlarm offers motion sensors, contact sensors, sirens, and smart switches. These devices can be tied to the cameras through the CubeOne hub. When connected, you can control and monitor them all using the iSmartAlarm app. You can also set KEEP Pro to automatically record during certain events (e.g. when contact sensors are triggered).

Software Behavior

ismartalarm app

The iSmartAlarm app for iOS and Android devices plays a key role. You can use it to watch the live feed, review event clips, capture snapshots, record on-demand, adjust the sensors' sensitivity, arm/disarm your cameras, set your preferences, adjust the video resolution, and activate two-way talk.

If you have multiple cameras, you can access them all from the camera's menu. You can even mix and match the different iSmart cameras.

Video Storage

iCamera KEEP Pro has two storage options. It has a microSD card slot that supports up to a 32GB microSD card. You can use the card for continuous recording or to save event clips locally.

There is also a free cloud storage option, but only if you use KEEP Pro with an iSmartAlarm system. If you do, you can use the cloud to store up to thirty 10-second event clips. If you need more cloud storage, you're out of luck.

Compatible Devices

iCamera KEEP Pro will have an IFTTT channel and Amazon Alexa integration, but details on both are TBD. iSmartAlarm isn't new to IFTTT, but so far they only support their sensors, not cameras.

A Quick Summary

To sum it all up, here's what's new with the iCamera KEEP Pro:

  1. Better Video: 1080p Resolution, 140° FOV, 4MP Sensor, 8x Digital Zoom, Lossless Zoom, 30ft Night Vision
  2. Intelligent Motion Sensor: Person Detection, Detection Zones
  3. Sound Recognition
  4. Motion Tracking
  5. MicroSD Card Recording (Up to 32GB)
  6. IFTTT and Alexa Integration

Pricing and Availability

Based on our experience with Spot and KEEP I'm skeptical, but it appears that iSmart has done everything right. On paper, this camera looks like a winner.

iCamera KEEP Pro will retail for $199.99. But as they are pre-selling the camera, you have the chance to order it for a lower price. Early bird deals are starting at $79.99. iSmart will ship orders by May 2017 for residents of the US, Canada, and Europe.

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