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Kodak CFH-BVA10 Baby Monitor

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We’ve already reviewed several baby monitors ranging from cameras to wearables. Withings Baby Monitor offers the most features of any baby monitor we've reviewed to date, but it's expensive and it only works with iOS devices. Our next choice is D-Link's DCS-800L which allows you to “monitor baby even when you’re not at home… even when you are not at home and you have no internet connection”. But this time we’ll aim the spotlight at Kodak’s CFH-BVA10 Baby Monitoring System.

Kodak's Baby Monitoring system was announced at CES last year and was also a Best in Innovation Honoree at that event - which is promising. But at the same time we are still waiting on final details like pricing and other specs which are not available for now. What we do have is a framework of its functions and a first glance at one aesthetically pleasing system.


  • High Resolution
  • True Wide Angle Viewing
  • In-Home System with Optional Remote App Viewing


  • No Motion Detection
  • Not Yet Shipping
  • No Pricing Information

Picture Quality

Like any other cameras in Kodak’s line of Connected Family Home products, CFH-BVA10 has an HD 720p resolution which is advanced for a baby monitor as most only offer VGA (480p).

Besides having one of the highest video resolutions, the CFH-BVA10 also has the widest viewing angle at 180⁰. Not many home security cameras offer a 180⁰ viewing angle, let alone baby monitors. Having a wide angle field of view gives you the advantage of seeing an entire whole room. However, you can activate region of interest view if you want to focus on just one spot, namely, your baby’s crib. The region of interest view is basically a digital zoom. So you can choose between a 180-degree view or the region of interest view.

Night vision is a feature every worry-drowned parent needs. Although CFH-BVA10’s night vision capability is not specified, knowing that it has night vision is a great start.

CHF-BVA10’s WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is also a feature you shouldn’t miss. Wide Dynamic Range allows the camera to capture a whole frame in detail even when both bright and dark areas are present.

Kodak's Baby Monitor Parenting Companion

Baby Monitor

The CHF-BVA10 is able to help parents do what they do best. For instance, the system is actually two-parts. The first part is the camera which is connected to the charging base. The second part is a handheld speakerphone. The two parts communicate with each other when inside the transmission range. So when you are at home, you can use the system to monitor your child or use the two-way voice feature to comfort your child when they wake up in the middle of a nap.

CFH-BVA10 also has the advantage of being portable. The camera is detachable from its charging base. That way, you can temporarily set it up wherever you need it. It doesn’t have a built-in battery though, so you’ll need to connect it to a standard USB battery pack or a powerbank.

And last, the CFH-BVA10 has a touchless night light. Basically, it is a night light that you can activate and control. As it is touchless — you can turn it on with a quick hand gesture.

Companion Software

The Kodak Baby Monitoring System will be controlled by an app called Tend Baby. This app is being developed by Tend, the same company that created the iSecurity+ app used in Belkin WeMo’s and Kodak’s connected cameras. iSecurity+ has a channel integrated with IFTTT, but I’m unsure if the Tend Baby app will also be integrated.

Tend Baby will be your means of controlling and connecting to CFH-BVA10 remotely. Of course you’ll need an internet connection to do that.

With the Tend Baby app you will be able to:

  • Use your smartphone for two-way talk.
  • Manually log your baby’s sleep pattern, set alerts, and jot down notes.
  • Remotely control the night light’s brightness and the white noise in the background.
  • Capture snapshots and video.

Final Say On The First Impression

CFH-BVA10’s features show thoughtfulness. Kodak has set the right priorities and created a camera with features that parent needs. They've taken the best of home security cameras (high resolution, wide angle viewing, mobile app) and smushed everything together into a baby monitoring system including features typical of a baby monitor (handheld receiver, night vision). However, they forgot one detail...a motion sensor. And they forgot other details that people like in a baby monitoring system like temperature sensors and the option to play music.

All in all, the CFH-BVA10 is a solid baby monitor. But of course, that’s just on paper. Will it be able to show up and deliver? We’ll find out once the actual baby monitor system is released. To keep up with the latest updatesm you may subscribe to their newsletter.

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