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LiveWatch Cameras

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Software and Security 10
Video Storage8.5
Professional Services & Customer Care9
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LiveWatch is a well-known security company with quality equipment to offer. Their home security system is dependent mainly on sensors. However, to improve user experience and security, LiveWatch offers both indoor and outdoor security cameras.


  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Wide Variety of Cameras
  • Free Camera included with Monitoring Plan


  • LiveWatch Can Be Difficult to Get a Hold Of
  • No Battery Backup
  • Internet Required
  • Cameras Not Covered By Tech Support

Indoor Cameras

LiveWatch’s indoor cameras are mostly wireless and designed to connect with your home’s Wi-Fi to stream videos. But how good are they?

Entry Level Indoor Camera

Price: $199

LW-IP-CAM 2 is a basic yet flexible solution for surveillance. It records and streams videos smoothly in HD(720p) with the help of h.264 and MPEG-4 compression. However, you have the choice to step down the live viewing resolution to 640x400, 320x200, or 176x144 to make it easier for your network. Even the compression rate is adjustable to high and low depending on your preference and your network’s capability. Up to 10 people can stream video live from the app or through a web interface.

It has additional function for motion detection with adjustable sensitivity and threshold. So it can become a backup motion sensor in case your primary motion sensor missed something.

The downside to this camera is that it is fixed. You set it where you want, point the lens, and it stares at that same area. It has a smaller viewing angle (37.8⁰ horizontally and 54⁰vertically) compared to Frontpoint's entry level camera and compared to most self-monitored home security cameras.

Fixed Camera With Night Vision

Price: $249

You may have noticed that LiveWatch's entry level camera lacks night vision. That is because night vision is reserved for their Indoor Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision (LW-IP-CAMIR). It is very similar to the first security camera except for a few things. Obviously, the price. This one is $50 more expensive than the other. This camera offers night vision that can see 6 meters (20 feet) in the dark. And it has a slightly wider viewing angle (77⁰ horizontally 54⁰ vertically).

Fixed Indoor Dome Camera

Price: $299

Another option for inside is this indoor dome camera(LW-IP-CAM-DOME). It has the same resolution and features as the other 2 except it is not wireless. It is more difficult to install but there are unique advantages to a dome camera.

Dome cameras are usually mounted in the ceiling. So when placed properly, they cover much more space. Some dome cameras can pan and tilt, but this one doesn’t. The glass dome covering its lens is tinted. That way, intruders will not know where the camera is facing. Much riskier for them, better security for you.

Indoor Camera With Pan-and-Tilt

Price: $329

If you are looking for a more advanced indoor camera that can pan and tilt for wider coverage, checkout the LW-IP-CAM-PT2. It looks different from the first two cameras. Its design allows it to pan 350⁰ on its base and tilt 125⁰(35⁰ down and 90⁰ up). Panning and tilting are manually controlled using the smartphone app or from LiveWatch’s web interface. When your sensors alerted you of an issue, you can pull out your smartphone, open the app, and search for whoever or whatever tripped your alarm.

The pan and tilt camera allows up to 20 ‘pre-set’ view locations. Say, the camera is in the living room. After you set it, manually direct its lens to the front door then save this location. So whenever an alarm is triggered, just select the pre-set location and it will automatically pan and tilt saving precious time.

LiveWatch Outdoor Cameras


LiveWatch’s outdoor camera (LW-IP-CAM-IRBLT2) is an option to extend your security outside. There’s additional value to owning an outdoor camera as it gives you the power to monitor your front yard and possibly catch someone BEFORE they get inside your house.

This outdoor security camera is wireless, so installation is a breeze. Once installed you can have it stream and record HD videos or you can lower the resolution if you prefer. It uses h.264 and MPEG-4 compression with high and medium compression options. It has a wide angle field of view of 77⁰ horizontally and 54⁰vertically and it has IR LEDs that can illuminate up to 12 meters(40 feet) at night.

Just like the indoor cameras, the LW-IP-CAM-IRBLT2 also has motion sensing capability with the option to adjust sensitivity. However, motion detection zones would have been better for an outdoor camera.

Bottom Line

LiveWatch offers a wide variety of cameras that work with their home security system. Video is included in their TOTAL HOME + VIDEO plan which is $49.95 per month. This plan includes one indoor camera for free, live streaming, event notifications, and cloud storage for up to 1000 video clips. One thing to note about LiveWatch is that they do not offer tech support for home security cameras.

You can learn more about LiveWatch and their monitoring plans here.

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