Oco Pro Outdoor Camera Review

Hardware Criteria6.8
Software Criteria8
Video Storage10
IP Rating / Weatherproofing10
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews6.1
Reader Rating: (13 Rates)5.1

Oco has been expanding their lineup for the past couple of years. They launched Oco 2, an improved version of their original camera, Oco Pro and Oco HD, both indoor cameras, as well as Oco Pro Outdoor. Oco Pro Outdoor comes in two versions.

  1. A dome-type camera.
  2. A bullet-type camera.

Recently, Oco revamped the features of both the dome-type and bullet-type Oco Pro cameras, upgrading them to v2. The two versions have a couple of differences (e.g. viewing angle, night vision range, etc.), but for the most part, their features are the same. Unless otherwise specified, assume that what we say applies to both.

Setup & Design

Oco Pro is a sturdy camera that is technically marketed at small businesses. While Oco wants to sell their camera to small businesses, I don't see why you couldn't put the camera in your home. After all, it can withstand heat, cold, rain, or snow. The dome version is also vandal-resistant with the highest rating in the IK scale (IK 10). The dome version can operate in an environment with temperatures between -14° and 122°F. (To compare, Nest Cam's new outdoor camera only operates in temperatures between 32° and 104°F.) The bullet version is a little less rugged. It can only operate in temperatures between 14°F and 122°F. Both versions have an IP rating of 66. That said, you can install Oco Pro almost anywhere, so why not allow it to protect your home?

As noted above, you can place it almost anywhere. First, Oco Pro doesn't have batteries, so it needs a steady power source. The earlier versions of Oco Pro Dome and Bullet featured built-in support for PoE, something missing from v2. However, if you want to use PoE, you can still do so thanks to the $10 PoE Kit. The kit includes a PoE injector and a splitter. Of course, you can also plug in Oco Pro to an electrical outlet. Second, Oco Pro needs Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. You will need to place it within Wi-Fi range.

Oco Pro Image & Video Quality

Oco Pro offers a Full HD (1080p) resolution and a 2MP image sensor. It also has the ability to zoom in digitally up to 8x.

In addition to Oco Pro's high resolution, it uses Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR a.k.a. HDR) to produce better images. DWDR is a technology that increases a camera's dynamic range, allowing it to clearly capture both bright and dim areas in a single frame. In regards to an outdoor camera, this feature is vital. Without it, changing light patterns will make it very difficult to view detail within the image capture.

As mentioned above, the Dome and Bullet versions are the same until we get to the viewing angle. The Oco Pro Dome has a slightly wider viewing angle of 106 degrees compared to Oco Pro Bullet, which has a 100-degree viewing angle. On the other hand, Bullet has more IR LEDs which gives it a slightly better night vision experience. It promises up to 100ft. of night vision range. The Dome's night vision range isn't far behind. It can see up to 98 ft. in the dark.

Oco Pro to Enhance Home Security

Oco Pro has basic security features—motion and sound detection, nothing more. However, they improve upon those features to reduce false alarms. For one, the camera uses smart algorithms to distinguish a real event from recurring ones. For example, it eventually learns to ignore motion alerts caused by passing cars or moving branches. This way, your phone won't be bombarded with useless alerts. You can also set motion detection zones, so only the important areas are monitored. And finally, you can adjust the sensitivity of Oco Pro's sensors.

To help keep you safe, Oco also includes free push notifications of events. If something suspicious is detected, you will receive a smartphone notification. You can immediately take action by opening the app and watching live footage. You can also use two-way voice to communicate through the camera so long as your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G.

Oco Pro is also able to work with other devices to keep your home safe. For one, it's part of Oco's ecosystem of cameras and works with Oco1, Oco2, Oco Pro, and Oco HD. It can also work with other brands like Nest, SmartThings, and WeMo via IFTTT - an app that lets you integrate hundreds of smart home brands and create rules in the "If 'this' then 'that'" format. For example, you can create a rule that turns your lights turn on if Oco Pro detects motion. You can also have the camera arm itself when you leave the house.


While getting a smartphone notification is helpful, what happens if you aren't around to self-monitor?

Oco 2 will send a 10-second video clip of events to the cloud, if the camera is online. If the camera is offline, the clip is saved to a microSD card (up to a 128GB, sold separately) for later viewing.

 Basic/Free$4/month/camera ($40/year)$9/month/camera ($99/year)$19/month/camera ($199/year)
Cloud Storage24 Hours24 Hours10 Days30 Days
Store LocallySD CardSD CardSD CardSD Card
Downloading Clips1 Hour of Clips1 Hour of Clips2 Hours of Clips2 Hours of Clips
Clip Length10 SecondsUp to 1 HourUp to 1 HourUp to 1 Hour
Custom Motion Detection Area and Self-Learning YES
Sound DetectionYES
TimeWarp NO
Notification SchedulingYES
Shared access with other users. 2 Users2 Users4 Users4 Users

For cloud storage, they have both free and paid plans. For free, you can store motion-based clips in the cloud for 24 hours and share access to the camera with up to 4 users. If you choose a paid subscription, you will be able to access added features like TimeWarp.

TimeWarp is a cloud feature that helps you find relevant events quickly. It saves you the trouble of watching multiple event clips by creating a short clip of everything recorded within a given timeframe. For example, if the camera detects you are entering and exiting your house four times, the clip will show four overlapping images of you. Each of the images will be enclosed in a color-coded rectangle. If you tap inside one of the rectangles, you will be led to the actual clip.

The plans outlined in the chart above are for homeowners. If you purchase Oco Pro for your business, they have a separate set of cloud plans.

 Online ProCloud 10 ProCloud 30 ProCloud 60 ProBroadcasting
$18/3 months
$45/3 months
$75/3 months
$105/3 months
$450/3 months
Cloud RecordingBasic Event Clips for 5 daysFull Recording of All Events for 10 daysFull Recording of All Events for 30 daysFull Recording of All Events for 60 daysFull Recording of All Events for 30 days
Share Camera AccessUnlimited AccountsUnlimited AccountsUnlimited AccountsUnlimited AccountsUnlimited Accounts
Video ExportUnlimited Number of Clips up to 8 hours longUnlimited Number of Clips up to 8 hours longUnlimited Number of Clips up to 8 hours longUnlimited Number of Clips up to 8 hours longUnlimited Number of Clips up to 4 hours long
Ability to Embed Feeds to WebsiteYES
Other featuresNO
Flexible public broadcast management*

*Publicly broadcasted cameras are shown in Ivideon TV, Ivideon's catalog of public cameras.

Oco Pro Software Behavior

Oco Pro uses the Ivideon mobile app, the same app used by the indoor cameras Oco and Oco2. The app makes monitoring your Oco cameras easier. From the app, you can watch live videos and use two-way voice. You can also access recorded clips and TimeWarp videos and tweak your camera's settings.

The app's primary purpose is to provide event notifications. Notifications occur when your cameras detect motion or sound. From the app, you can also select different notification sounds for each type of event and each camera. In essence, you can tell just by listening to the notification sound what type of event took place and which camera detected it.

The Ivideon app can be downloaded from the Play Store and iTunes. You can also access some of the apps features using a PC or Mac by logging into your account through the Ivideon web app.

A Short Summary

Oco Pro is an outstanding outdoor camera, particularly if you are already invested in other Oco cameras. They are sturdy, they offer high-resolution video, and the app is superb.

You can purchase Oco Pro Bullet v2 on Amazon.com for $169.00, but Oco Pro Dome v2 is only available on Oco's website for now. It currently sells for $199.00. You can still purchase Oco Pro Dome v1 on Amazon for $99 (stock is limited) if you want a PoE version of the Dome camera. Note that compared to v2, v1 isn't vandal-resistant, has an inferior image sensor (2MP), and a limited night vision range (35 ft).

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