Polaroid Hoop Review

Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera Review

Announced at CES 2017, Polaroid Hoop doesn’t do much to stand out from other home security cameras on the market. Hoop is certainly sexy, but is it sexy enough?


  • Works Indoors and Outdoors
  • Optional Battery Pack
  • Motion Zones


  • App Performance Unknown
  • Not Yet Shipping

Video Quality

Still emerging from its 2005 bankruptcy, Polaroid is new to the home security game. With Hoop, they chose to stick with the basics packaged as a "simple, out-of-the-box solution that’s accessible to most consumers".

“With the Polaroid Hoop home security camera, we’ve simplified remote high-definition video monitoring and ensured that out-of-the-box, consumers will have an enjoyable experience that doesn’t require them to be tech-savvy.” Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid

The truth is, a simple, out-of-the-box camera is nothing new. The camera's price point puts it in the same league as Nest, Canary, and other established cameras. Like Nest and Canary, Polaroid offers 1080p high-definition video, remote monitoring, and records at 30 frames per second. The camera also monitors using a 140-degree wide angle lens.

How Does Polaroid Hoop Protect Your Home?

When it comes to protecting your home, placement is important, and Polaroid's provided a flexible solution. The camera sits on an affixed base, or you can remove the base to mount the camera. As shipped, the camera requires a power source that somewhat limits creative placement. However, with the purchase of an optional battery pack, Polaroid Hoop can run wire-free and be placed anywhere your WiFi reaches.

Hoop can also protect your home inside or out thanks to weatherproofing. Want two cameras to protect inside and outside? No worries. One account can support an unlimited number of cameras. In fact, the mobile app will allow you to view a live feed from multiple cameras at the same time.

Equally important to the Hoop is the way it plays with others. Though Polaroid has yet to provide specifics, they promise that Hoop will be compatible with other connected home products including lights, alarms, and speakers.

Motion Detection For Home Security

One of the primary ways Polaroid Hoop protects your home is through motion detection. The camera includes intelligent features to improve the experience. For one, you can use the mobile app for Android or iOS to schedule recordings. If you have multiple cameras, you can even customize schedules by groups. For example, you can group multiple outside cameras together and have them follow one schedule while your indoor cameras follow another.

Hoop's motion detector is also backed by zones. In creating zones, you can dictate what areas are monitored and what areas are ignored. While this is fairly common in indoor cameras, it's one you don't often see in outdoor cameras, especially as a free feature.

Finally, Polaroid Hoop is a learning device. Over time, it will learn to ignore daily events while focusing on unusual activities.

Polaroid Hoop Video Storage

Hoop will record all motion events to either the cloud or an optional microSD card. Though Polaroid doesn't specify clip length, they do say that footage will continue to record throughout "the duration of an event".

Polaroid also doesn't specify how much cloud storage is provided. They do promise to include some for free, though they also hint at a possible paid plan to extend the amount of storage. To make sorting through storage easier, they will include a timeline feature to help you review recorded footage.

Final Thoughts

Polaroid has taken the best of Canary (Learning, Battery-Power, Indoor/Outdoor Usage) and the best of Nest (Killer Design, Stand or Wall Mount, Smart Zones, Timeline), smashed everything together and added a little extra flair including local and free cloud storage.

However, there are things about the device that we still don't know. Big things. Does it have night vision? What about audio? Two-way audio? Is Polaroid capable of creating a stable app?

Polaroid Hoop will officially launch this spring and will sell for $199.99.

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