Remocam Home Security Camera

Remocam Home Security Camera

Hardware Criteria8.5
Software Criteria4.8
Video Storage4.5
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews9.2
Home Automation8.1
Encryption, Encoding, and Care10
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When it comes to home security equipment, I want a camera that does it all. Unfortunately, there's not one that exists. Every home security camera has some limitations. But, Remocam is pushing the envelope with a camera that does more than most. I've been playing with Remocam for a couple months and feel like I have a good grasp on what makes this guy tick. It's a camera that aims to compete with Piper and yet it both wins and loses at this goal.


  • Local Storage
  • Mechanically Pans and Tilts


  • Lacks Free Cloud Storage
  • 720p Resolution

Remocam Features

Remocam has a lot to offer in the way of home security.

  • Motion sensor with recording ten seconds before and ten seconds after the event
  • Ability to use the motion detector in a set area while ignoring parts of a room.
  • Live streaming with night vision
  • Pan (up to 335 degrees) and tilt (up to 95 degrees) the camera to see what you want, from wherever you are
  • Siren alarm
  • Emergency call feature
  • Two-way audio
  • Take photos or record video clips to the cloud or an SD card
  • Control any device that can be controlled with a remote control

How it Works

Everything you do with the Remocam Security Camera is done through the app. After you plug in your camera, you set it up through the app. You connect the camera to your Wi-Fi with easily-followed instructions, and the camera is ready to get to work.

The user interface is great because it's the definition of simple. Everything is spelled out for you. The motion sensor is turned on or off by pushing a button; in the settings tab, you can check off areas to be monitored during motion detection, or you can monitor the whole room.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android users and is rated 3.4 stars on Google Play without a rating on iTunes. Currently the app is the only way to control the camera as it lacks a web login which also limits your ability to check the camera from other smart devices.

Live streaming is done from the main screen of Remocam's app. You click the “play” icon, and the video begins. Sometimes it takes a second for the video feed to upload, but once it's loaded, the video is in real-time. You can move the camera from this screen as well as the camera can mechanically pan and tilt. Push the button in the direction you want, and the camera follows your finger-led command.

The app also makes it easy to control OTHER devices. Though Remocam doesn't offer home automation in the traditional sense, it has one of the most unique features I've seen that is akin to home automation. The camera uses special technology to control anything that uses a remote; televisions, stereos, outlets and more. If you don't own a device that works with a remote, all isn't lost. Remocam sells company-made outlets, pet feeders, and lights that work with the app. As long as the camera can see the device, you can control it from the app.

You can communicate with your family or pets through the app too. Push the “speak” button from the live feed screen and talk to anyone in your home. Or, listen in to whatever they have to say. You can communicate from another room or from another state!

Setting the siren alarm or making an emergency call can be done by pushing the corresponding button within the app. If you receive a motion sensor notification and don’t recognize the intruder, you can sound an alarm and/or call the police immediately.

Remocam Performance

Let’s get down to the details. Remocam offers a 720p HD resolution. The quality is on par with other home security cameras but lower than cameras like Piper and Nest Cam. The night vision quality is pretty impressive too. The camera uses 8 LED infrared sensors so you can make out everything with clarity at night.

The camera itself needs to be plugged into an outlet at all times. There’s no battery back-up, so when the power goes out the camera immediately stops working. The same is true if your Wi-Fi connection is lost. When your internet goes out, the camera stops recording. You will not get a notification when the camera isn’t online, but the app does have a message telling you that the camera’s not working. Unfortunately most people are not hanging out in an app all day looking for signs of trouble so it would be nice to see a push notification added warning of lost power.

All of your video events are saved to the cloud or an SD card. Cloud storage is not free unfortunately. They offer a 30 day trial but beyond that you must pay.

For $29.99 a month or $299.99 a year, you can purchase 30 days of cloud storage with an unlimited amount of storage space. If that is too much, you can opt for the middle level package. This package offers a 7 day storage time frame limited to 30GB of storage. This package is $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year. Finally, their entry level plan offers a 3 day storage time frame limited to 3GB of storage. This plan is $3.99 per month or $39.99.

Remocam Compared to Piper

 RemocamPiper nv
# of IR LEDS:812
Pan and Tilt:MechanicalDigital with Wide Angle Lens
Battery Backup:NO
Two-Way Audio:YES
Live Streaming:YES
Motion Detection:YES
Sound Detection:NO
Night Vision:YES
Smart Home:Can connect to remote controlled devices.Controls Z-Wave Devices and IFTTT
Temperature Sensor:NO
Built-in Siren:YES
App for iOS and Android:YES
Cloud:Free Cloud – 1st Year OnlyFree for Life
Local Storage:SD Card SlotDownload to your phone.
Where to BuyVisit SiteVisit Site

And So…

Remocam offers cutting-edge features that make it stand out among home security cameras, notably the ability to control remote controlled devices. While I would not put Remocam in the same league as Piper, it's also significantly less expensive while including the option for local storage. What concerns me most of all is that Remocam hasn't "taken off". They had a failed campaign on Indiegogo then moved to Amazon's Launch Pad. They are shipping product but have very few reviews. What happens if Remocam decides to go belly up? Definitely something to consider before investing.

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