Ideally we start each review by testing a product. However, testing every single camera on the market is not financially feasible. With that in mind we have created a proprietary 103 point list to rank cameras based upon multiple factors. This list took us over a month to develop and perfect. We consider it to be proprietary intelligence. However, we will share the basics so that you can understand how this works and how cameras are reviewed and assigned a final score.

Hardware Ratings

We do consider the technical specs of a camera but what makes our system different is that nothing is peanut butter spread. For example, a camera earns 7 points if it records in FHD but if it is priced beyond what the average FHD camera usually costs it will lose 2 of those points.

Another example would be how we score for night vision. We consider night vision but just throwing out points for having night vision would be a disservice to our readers. Instead, we consider the night vision range, the quality, and how it works.

Software Ratings

Producing a stellar piece of hardware isn't as hard as you might think. However, creating software that works well on multiple platforms is difficult. With that in mind we test apps, consider user feedback, and take into consideration an apps functionality. We also look to see if it is possible to use a camera with other apps like IFTTT.

To us software is just as, if not more important than hardware.

Video Storage Ratings

We have an entire section in our review system dedicated to video storage. We look at local vs cloud storage options, how much those options cost, and how much storage you get vs the cost. Again, there is no peanut butter spread in the way we rank product. For example, just having cloud storage isn't enough. We also consider how quickly video is pushed to the cloud, how safe the data is once it is in the cloud, and how secure the data center is that houses the servers that communicate with your camera.

Customer Care and Feedback

Next we look at a customer policies. Yes we read them. Even the boring ones. We look for loopholes, gotchas, and anything we feel is contrary to the way we want to be treated as customers. We also look at the cameras warranty and gauge what is offered vs what is standard in the industry.

Feedback left on A Secure Cam is also weighted during this process. Of course we manually weed out anything that looks spammy or duplicate but for the most part we look at what our readers have rated a camera and factor that in. If we don't have a lot of reader feedback on a camera, we look at what owners are saying on other reliable websites. We read through reviews to gauge how things are going for those using the camera in different situations and we take that into consideration.

We Get a Vote For Expertise

Finally, we get to vote but only if we've actually used a camera. If we've not tested a camera, we don't get to vote. It's that simple. Well it really isn't that simple, it's actually complicated but we simplify it for you because you're worth it and we want to bring value to you.

With that said, this website is all about sharing information. We are sharing with you but we want you to share with us too. Help us make this a valuable resource that cuts through the clutter of choices by letting others know what works and what doesn't. Everyone has a unique situation and therefore there really isn't a one size fits all camera solution. Sharing your story will help others.