Secure360: A Security Camera For Your Car

A dash cam is undeniably one of the most useful car accessories ever invented. Not only can it help document your epic road trips, but it can also provide evidence in case of accident, theft, or vandalism.

Dash cams are great the way they are now; however, a startup called Waylens is working on making them even more innovative. Waylens' Horizon camera pumps up the experience from simply recording your road trips to overlaying the video with your car's performance data. Waylens Secure360 takes it to an even higher level by securing your car even if you're not in it.

Secure360 as a Dash Cam

One of the many things that make Secure360 unique is its 360° view. Unlike most dash cams that are front-facing, Secure360 covers the front, sides, and interior of your car. In theory, this extra vantage point helps it monitor for things like hit and runs or even theft.

The camera itself is pretty powerful. It has a 1/2.9" CMOS sensor connected to a 7-element aspherical glass lens. The CMOS sensor supports HDR, which is a feature that makes it possible to see dark and light areas in a single frame.

Secure360 also has multiple viewing modes. During the day, it records in Scenic Mode, perfect for capturing scenic landscapes you pass by. At night, it switches to Night Recording Mode, which is similar to night vision. If you want to experience the whole 360° viewing angle, you can choose the image-in-image view. The top half of the video will show you the front of your car while the lower half will show you the inside of your car. Choose the front view if you only want to see the front of your car or choose the back view if you only want to see the inside.

Like regular dash cams, Secure360 supports microSD cards (up to 128GB). It records continuous videos while you're driving. In fact, it auto-starts recording the moment you start your engine and auto-stops when you turn the car off.

However, aside from its onboard storage, Secure360 offers cloud recording, essential if you really want to catch a car thief. The dash cam comes in two versions, 4G and Wi-Fi. The 4G version includes an activated SIM card that connects to the cloud 24/7 as long as the cellular signal is strong enough in your area. It lets the camera save video to the cloud on-the-go. The Wi-Fi version, on the other hand, only sends videos to the cloud when connected to Wi-Fi, most likely your home Wi-Fi. But why would you need a dash cam to send videos to the cloud if you're not on the road? We'll get to that in a second.

Tech Specs:

  • 7-element Aspherical Glass Lens for 360° View
  • Fixed Focus
  • 1/2.9" CMOS Sensor
  • HDR
  • Microphone & Speaker
  • Scenic Mode (daytime) and Night Recording Mode
  • Local Storage Up To 128GB MicroSD Card
  • Cloud Storage via 4G or Wi-Fi

Secure360 As A Car Security Camera

Aside from its dash cam functions, Secure360 can detect events such as car theft, break-ins, or accidents. If an event is detected, it will send a notification to your smartphone while simultaneously sending recordings to the cloud. Essentially, Secure360 is a battery-powered, always-on security camera for your car.

The 4G version, which is the more expensive version, can send you alerts and connect to the cloud from anywhere via a 4G signal. The Wi-Fi version, on the other hand, can only notify you of events if connected to Wi-Fi.

Secure360 detects events using its sensors. It has a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to detect if your car has been tampered with. Also, if the thief drives away with your car, the 4G version will send you its current GPS location. You can even see who took your car using the live view feature via the mobile app.

Finally, the Secure360 dash cam is voice enabled. According to Waylens, this feature will let you interact with your camera without taking your eyes off the road. Exact details on this feature are to be determined, but we assume that it will enable you to record or take photos on demand.

Pricing and Availability

The Wi-Fi and 4G versions will both be available for pre-order this year. The Wi-Fi version, which costs $249.95, will start shipping in November of this year. The more expensive 4G version ($349.95) will ship by the first quarter of 2018.

Aside from the hardware cost, you should be aware that there are other potential fees associated with using this camera. First, cloud storage fees. Although Waylens hasn't said anything about the cost of cloud storage, a monthly fee is more than likely imminent. Second, the 4G version will most likely incur an additional monthly fee to cover data charges, perhaps similar to the Arlo Go 4G security camera.

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