Security Cameras That Work With Z-Wave

Z-Wave is a universal wireless protocol that enables smart home security devices to work together as a single system. What makes it interesting is that it can bridge connections between multiple devices regardless of the brand, which is why it's a popular choice among DIY smart home enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Z-Wave isn't as common in security cameras as it is in smart home and security products. And one of the most well-known Z-Wave security cameras, Piper nv, recently went EOL as did the Mini IQ. Fortunately, we're here to help you sort it all out. If you're building your own Z-Wave system, below are the cameras we recommend.

Our Top Pick: Oomi

Oomi is actually a smart home security system, but it's our top recommendation because it's built around Oomi Cube, a Z-Wave hub that doubles as a security camera. Because Oomi Cube functions as a hub, you can connect your Z-Wave devices directly to the Oomi Cube. Another advantage is that Oomi comes with a tablet-like touchscreen controller, Oomi Touch. You can use Oomi Touch to control connected Z-Wave devices. You can also control your system using the Oomi smartphone app.

However, there's a downside. Oomi can only fully integrate with simple Z-Wave devices that offer features within their command class. For example, some companies offer multi-sensors (e.g., motion sensor, door/window sensor, vibration sensor in one device). Those sensors usually fall under the "motion sensor" command class, thus, if you connect them to Oomi, you'll only be able to use them as motion sensors. The same goes for smart home devices.

As a camera, Oomi Cube is quite capable. It offers up to a 720p resolution, 110° viewing angle, and night vision. It also offers security features, such as motion detection and sound detection that can recognize the sound of shattering glass.

Aside from Oomi Cube, Oomi also offers a security camera. While it's not Z-Wave-enabled, it can work seamlessly with your Z-Wave enabled devices so long as you have an Oomi Cube. Oomi Cam features a 1080p resolution, an LED light for night vision, motion and sound detection, two-way audio, and it works indoors and outdoors.

You can get started with an Oomi system for $599. The starter kit includes the Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch, two smart lights, and one smart plug. Unfortunately, it's all or nothing. You can't buy Oomi Cube alone; you'll need to go all in. That said, Oomi is the best choice if you're just starting to build your Z-Wave system.

Other Options

Unlike Oomi, the options presented below don't function as hubs, which means you need to have an existing Z-Wave hub or controller to use them.

Take note that there are two types of Z-Wave-compatible cameras. First are the cameras that have built-in Z-Wave. These cameras can connect to almost any Z-Wave controller/hub. Second, some cameras don't have Z-Wave built-in but can connect with Z-Wave devices with the help of certain controllers/hubs. These cameras usually work with only one Z-Wave hub model.

 Schlage WCO100NX N N SL w/ Nexia Home IntelligenceSchlage WCW100Home Indoor CameraSchlage WCW200 Home Indoor CameraIris RC8221 Indoor CameraVistaCam 700VistaCam 900VistaCam 1000VistaCam 1101
UsageIndoor/OutdoorIndoor OnlyIndoor OnlyIndoor OnlyIndoor OnlyIndoor OnlyIndoor/OutdoorOutdoor
Does It Have Built-In Z-Wave?No, requires a Nexia Z-Wave Bridge and subscription No, requires a Nexia Z-Wave Bridge and subscription No, requires a Nexia Z-Wave Bridge and subscription YESNo, requires a Vera Controller No, requires a Vera Controller No, requires a Vera Controller No, requires a Vera Controller
Can It Connect With Any Z-Wave Controller/Hub?NONONOYESNONONONO
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now


Schlage offers three security cameras that work with Z-Wave devices.

First is the WCO100NX N N SL Outdoor Camera. It's an indoor/outdoor security camera that features a 480p (VGA) resolution, night vision, and PIR motion detection. The camera sells for $249.95 on Amazon.

Second is the WCW100 Home Indoor Camera. It's an indoor camera that also has a VGA resolution. However, it lacks IR LEDs for night vision, and it doesn't detect movement. It's a camera that only streams live videos. Thus, I don't recommend it for home security. It sells for $90 on Amazon.

Third is the WCW200 Home Indoor Camera. It's an improved version of WCW100. It offers a higher resolution (720p HD) and IR night vision. Unfortunately, it still lacks motion detection. However, if you have a compatible Z-Wave motion sensor, you should be able to make the camera record when there's motion. WCW200 sells for $150 on Amazon.

All three cameras share one catch. They all require a Nexia Z-Wave Bridge ($80) and a monthly subscription to Nexia Home Intelligence ($9.99/month) to work. They don't work with other Z-Wave hubs, and they only work with Z-Wave devices connected to the Nexia Z-Wave Bridge.

Iris RC8221 Indoor Camera

Unlike Schlage's Z-Wave-compatible cameras, Iris RC8221 is an actual Z-Wave camera. Although it is designed for the Iris Smart Hub, it can connect with other Z-Wave hubs. The camera offers a 720p resolution, IR night vision, motion detection, and sound detection. Take note that the camera is indoor-only. Iris RC8221 sells for $99 on the Iris by Lowe's website.


Vera, a home automation company, currently offers four cameras that work with Z-Wave plus a video doorbell and a baby monitor (coming soon). Their existing cameras are VistaCam 700, VistaCam 900, VistaCam 1000, and VistaCam 1101.

VistaCam 700 is a fixed indoor camera with a 720p resolution, night vision, and motion detection. It's the simplest of the four VistaCam models and also the cheapest. It sells for $93.00 on Amazon and $99.95 on Vera's website.

VistaCam 900 is a more advanced model. It captures images and videos in 1080p FHD, and it has sound detection in addition to motion detection. It also offers night vision. Understandably, it's more expensive than VistaCam 700. It sells for $149.95 on Amazon.

Unlike the first two cameras, VistaCam 1000 is an indoor/outdoor camera. It has features similar to VistaCam 700. It records in 720p, it has night vision, it offers motion detection, but it lacks sound detection. You can purchase VistaCam 1000 for$149.95 on Amazon.

Finally, there's the VistaCam 1101. Simply put, it's an outdoor version of VistaCam 900. It offers up to a 1080p FHD resolution, night vision, motion detection, and sound detection. It also supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) setup. VistaCam 1101 is the most expensive of the bunch at $199.95.

The four VistaCam models don't support Z-Wave. To work with Z-Wave, you first need a Vera smart home controller. Vera offers three Vera controller models. The VeraEdge is the least expensive option at $99.99. There's no monthly subscription required.

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