Sengled Floodlight with Security Camera

Hardware Criteria7.9
Software Criteria5.2
Video Storage2.5
IP Rating / Weatherproofing8.1
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews4.9
Reader Rating: (4 Rates)4.7

SNAP is Sengled’s first attempt at security cameras. Sengled, is best known for their innovation in the light bulb industry. The company combines ordinary LED light bulbs with useful home products like speakers and Wi-Fi extenders. And now, they've combined a flood light with a security camera to create Snap.


  • Low Price for High Resolution
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Smart Motion Zones


  • Does Not Work With Other Products
  • New Product - Crowdfunded
  • Monthly Fee For Storage & Motion Required

Video Quality of Snap

Snap is built for outdoor use. It has excellent video quality as an outdoor camera, or at least that’s what Sengled has told us. It records in Full HD (1080p) capturing a wide-angle field of view (140 degrees diagonal) with 4x digital zoom. That’s almost as good as Flir FX, our top-rated outdoor camera. However, its real video quality is still to be proven as Snap is still in crowdfunding phase.

Snap has night vision as well. It uses 2 large IR LED’s to provide visibility in the dark. These IR LEDs automatically turn on once the light surrounding the bulb dims.

Snap Improves Home Security

Sengled SnapAdding a security camera to an ordinary floodlight is ingenious. Thieves hate standing in the spotlight, so a floodlight is a splid deterrent. The security camera, which is cleverly hidden in the floodlight, does the job of watching over your home.

Snap can also detect motion. It is essential for security cameras to have this feature as you cannot monitor 24/7. Sengled stepped up a bit by making Snap’s motion sensor smarter. You can set up to 3 motion-detection zones for each Snap. Motion-detection zones are essentially virtual squares that you draw around areas you want to monitor. The camera will ignore all the other movements outside these areas. Since Snap will likely stay outdoors and monitor you porch or yard, motion-detection zones are a great help to reduce annoying false alarms.

Snap has yet another feature we rarely see in outdoor home security cameras — two-way voice. You can use Snap like a walkie talkie. Basically you can listen in and monitor surrounding sounds or you can use two-way voice to communicate to whomever might be standing near your light.

Snap’s App

Snap’s app will be released as soon as Snap is launched. However, Sengled has already announced that the app can be used by iOS and Android users.

The app will be your main control. After creating an account, you can start pairing it with your Snap and other Sengled bulbs. Once paired you can use the app to interact with Snap and do things like turn the bulb on or off. You can also use it to customize your settings, set motion-detection zones, create lighting schedules, and enact two-way voice.

Cloud Storage

Snap only offers cloud video storage (no local). It has both 7-day and 30-day storage plans. But here’s the catch, you can’t really use Snap’s motion sensor unless you subscribe to one of these plans. Sengled’s reasoning is that the algorithm used to make the motion sensor work is so complex that it had to stay in their servers. That’s why you need a subscription to connect with their server and thus use the service.

Sengled hasn’t released any information yet about the pricing of cloud storage plans. We’ll be sure to keep you posted once the plans are released.


Snap’s camera is completely wireless. It relies on the floodlight fixture for power and on its built-in dual-band Wi-Fi for Internet connection. Because of that, installation is straightforward and wireless.

Step 1: Twist Snap into the fixture just like you would an ordinary floodlight.
Step 2: Download the app. Create an account and pair your Snap. You can have as much Snap as you want as long as your Internet connection can support optimal upload speeds.
Step 3: Setup is finished! Now all that’s left to do is check your camera and start using it.

Snap is waterproof and dustproof (with an IP54 rating), so just unscrew it from the fixture and give it a quick wash anytime you feel like cleaning it.


So what’s Snap? Snap is a floodlight with a security camera built into it with 1080p video and a wide-angle field of view. It has clever security features such as motion sensing capability with motion-detection zones, two-way voice, and remote app control.

Another good thing about Snap is the straightforward installation. Anyone who can install a light bulb can install Snap.

Compatible Device and Pricing

As of now, Snap is exclusive to itself. It doesn’t talk with other smart objects to make your home smarter. However, if things go well for them, Sengled might add compatible home automation products in the future.

You can support Snap’s IndieGoGo campaign by selecting a perk. Supporters who take advantage of the ‘early bird offers’ get a free month subscription to Snap’s 7-day cloud storage plan. The first Snaps are expected to ship to customers in October.

UPDATE: 5/13/2017 Sengled's crowdfunding campaign was successful and they were able to deliver the camera to backers. However, not all backers are happy with how the product turned out. For one, fine print on Sengled's FAQ section says that the camera is limited to "Public Sharing" (live streaming) and they are working on adding Private Sharing (i.e. the ability to stream videos to your phone only). As it stands now, your videos can be seen by the entire world. No good.

Another frequent complaint about Sengled is the setup process. While the product ships with instructions on how to use the app and web app, it doesn't clearly state how to install and setup the camera. Also, due to language barriers, the manual that comes with it is not so easy to understand.

If you're looking for a similar product but from a more trustworthy provider, check out either Kuna or Ring's Floodlight Cam.