Sproutling Baby Monitor

With all the big names in the smart baby monitor field, it’s hard for a startup to penetrate the market. But one, in particular, Sproutling, sold out after the first week of its preview campaign. What makes it so different and why are parents clamoring to buy it? Let's find out.

What is Sproutling?

The first baby monitor was used in 1937. It listened to baby and the environment around him. Sproutling’s Founders, Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin claim that baby monitors haven’t changed much since. In their opinion, monitors still require constant attention, but Sproutling will be different.

Sproutling's Baby Monitor monitors a whole lot of things: the baby’s heart rate, skin temperature, motion, sleep position, room temperature, humidity, and noise. It does all of this using a new wearable device.

Sproutling Components

Sproutling consists of 3 components.

The Wearable Sensor

A wearable sensor embedded in a soft, breathable and hypoallergenic ankle band.

The Wireless Charger

A wireless charger that doubles as an environment sensor.

The Mobile App

The mobile app available to iOS users.

Wearable Sensor

The wearable sensor is a band that sits around the ankle, much like the ankle monitors worn by parolees, although that's probably a lousy comparison. The sensor is responsible for monitoring baby’s skin temperature, motion, heart rate, and sleep position. The biggest concern might be your baby’s safety and comfort while wearing the sensor. As it is wearable, it will be in constant contact with your baby which might lead you to worry about things like choking or even rashes a la the fitness tracker the Fitbit Force.

Sproutling created their baby monitor, of course, with baby's safety in mind. The sensor is placed inside a medical-grade silicone and then fully sealed. The silicone is cleverly designed to avoid choking hazards, in short, it's too big for babies to swallow. The band is soft and breathable. In theory, it should not cause a rash. It is also washable and comes in three sizes so you can keep your baby comfortable as he grows.

Wireless Charging Station

Sproutling's charging station is a multi-purpose component. First, it charges the sensor wirelessly. Wireless charging is convenient, especially for sleep-deprived parents. The station also monitors light, sound, humidity and temperature. All of these factors can impact your baby's sleep pattern which impacts his mood which impacts you. The smart charging station helps parents optimize sleeping conditions.

Sproutling Mobile App

The mobile app is where the best bits come from. Other smart baby monitors give you data which will leave you guessing when something goes wrong. Sproutling gives you insight through the app.

  • It lets you know when your baby wakes up, but it also uses your baby’s motion, heart rate, sleep position, and surroundings to give you an approximate calculation of how much longer he will sleep. Every tired parent wants to know just that...am I right?
  • It lets you know your baby’s mood. Like a mood ring? Not so much. Ap-PARENT-ly, baby’s movements and heart rate tell us a lot about his mood. When he’s in a bad mood, Sproutling helps you pinpoint any potential issues in the environment or might even point to something that seems "off".
  • It tells you when it starts to get too loud before your baby wakes up. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, they say.
  • It sends you a push notification if your baby really needs attention. In urgent situations, Sproutling tells you to drop whatever you’re doing and attend to your baby immediately. It does so when your baby's heart rate increases significantly, his temperature is beyond a normal range, or when he rolls over while sleeping.

The Sproutling's app can also accommodate multiple babies. If you're having twins or even quadruplets, all you need is a few extra sensors.

Bottom Line

Priced at $299, Sproutling beats most of the competition. It lacks some features that traditional and other smart baby monitors have like two-way talk, listening to your baby, or a camera, but the features it has are pretty cool. It’s smart. It has the ability to get to know your baby and predict his sleeping patterns.

Currently, Sproutling baby monitors are out of stock. You can head over to their website to join the waitlist and get yours once the rest are produced.

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