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Tenvis Indoor Cameras Compared

Hardware Criteria7.6
Software Criteria3.8
Video Storage4.1
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews8.6
Home Automation0
Encryption, Encoding, and Care6.3
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You may have seen Tenvis online. It's an inexpensive camera, I would reach to say cheap looking but what you probably noticed is that you can get a whole lot of camera for very little money and in general the cameras receive high marks. If you've decided on purchasing a Tenvis camera, the hard part is deciding which camera to purchase as they all look somewhat the same. This article is focused on comparing the current indoor camera lineup so that you can choose the best camera for you.


  • Inexpensive
  • Apps work with Android, iOS, & Windows mobile
  • Software for Mac and Windows


  • Difficult to Setup
  • No Cloud Storage/No Way to Encrypt Video Sent to Cloud

IPROBOT 3 vs JPT3815W vs MINI319W

What's the Same?

Focusing on the IPROBOT 3, JPT3815W, and the MINI319W, all three cameras are wireless, indoor cameras. They all offer infrared night vision, video capture, mobile device viewing, email alerts, motion detection, and a 2DB WiFi antenna. They are all MAC OS and PC compatible and require IE7.0 or greater. All of three cameras also have a sound detection feature. However, it can only be turned on/off using a computer.

The IPROBOT 3, JPT3815W, and the MINI319W are all backed by a 1/4" color CMOS image sensor with a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second. Though the quality of the night vision is best in the IPROBOT 3, they can all see about 32 feet using night vision mode.

What's Different?

Tenvis 1There are subtle hardware differences between these three cameras. What jumps out at me the most is that the IPROBOT 3 is the only option to offer H.264 video compression and the only one that offers P2P penetration. P2P penetration means that you can remotely view the camera from your personal device without setting up DDNS and port forwarding. Now some of you may be in to that sort of thing but for the masses this is the very reason why we recommend the IPROBOT 3 over the other three choices.Not only is this a more secure approach to set up but it's also easier. In addition, the IR cut filters will provide a better visual experience which is important when choosing the best possible home security camera. The only other Tenvis camera that offered these features was the IPROBOT 2. Though this version is discontinued, you may be able to find it online at discount stores or even a used model. The IPROBOT 2 came in silver which is different from the black or white color of the 3. Also, the resolution was lower. The 2 recorded in 640x480p vs the IPROBOT 3 which records in HD. A final difference between these two cameras is that the 3 includes the internal storage option provided by the SD card.

One final call out. The MINI319W is technically marketed as a baby monitor. Of the three, it would be my last choice and I would not recommend it as a baby monitor.

Black or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or White
Day or NightDay or NightDay or Night
Pan, Tilt, ZoomPan, Tilt, ZoomNO
1280×720p640×480 (JPT3815W-HD is 720p)640×480p
Infrared Night Vision - 10 PCSInfrared Night Vision - 10 PCSInfrared Night Vision - 21 PCS
Email AlertsEmail AlertsEmail Alerts
Motion DetectionMotion DetectionMotion Detection
Sound DetectionSound DetectionSound Detection
SD CardSD CardNO
View from Mobile DeviceView from Mobile DeviceView from Mobile Device
P2P penetrationNONO
Two-Way AudioTwo-Way AudioTwo-Way Audio
Horizontal Angle 350Horizontal Angle 340Horizontal Angle 37
Vertical Angle 110Vertical Angle 90Vertical Angle 25.5
IEEE b/g/nIEEE b/gIEEE b/g
Network Encryption Protocol, WEP, WPA, WPA2Network Encryption Protocol, WEP, WPA, WPA2Network Encryption Protocol, Unknown
WiFi Protected SetupUser AuthenticationUser Authentication
Maximum Users – 4Maximum Users – 6Maximum Users – 6
1 Year Warranty2 Year Warranty2 Year Warranty
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Final Summary

Some things to consider before you choose Tenvis.

  1. It is a Chinese company and there are existing complaints that the instructions are hampered by a slight language barrier as is support.
  2. The last version of their iTunes app had a 1.5 star rating, that's out of 5 just to be clear.
  3. It does work with BlueIris Software which may be a better choice.

Overall, if you are looking for an easy plug and play camera this isn't for you. It isn't a difficult setup, but does require some basic technical knowledge. We have tested the Tenvis JPT3815W, but not the other 2, so I can't give a final recommendation. All I can say is that I hope this research helps you make a better buying decision.

The final score for Tenvis indoor cameras is based upon the recommended IPROBOT 3.

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