Using IFTTT With Security Cameras

IFTTT is one of the fastest growing home automation services today. It's a smart home enthusiast's go-to app for making disconnected smart home products talk to each other.

What's IFTTT?

In case you're wondering what IFTTT is, it's an internet service (web and smartphone app) that allows you to create a cause-effect reaction between compatible smart home brands and products. "IFTTT" stands for "If This Then That", which is its recipe for creating rules or as IFTTT likes to call them, Applets. "This" represents the Trigger, while "That" represents the Action.

Applet Flow

Creating Applets is as simple as choosing a Trigger, and then selecting an Action to correspond to it. If you want your Philips Hue lights to turn on every time your SmartThings motion sensor detects motion, create an Applet that says "If 'Presence Detected', then 'Turn on lights'". If you want your Myfox security system to swap to Security Mode whenever you lock your August Smart Lock, create an Applet that says "If 'Lock is locked', then 'Security Mode'". Simple. Effective.

Security Cameras That Work With IFTTT

There's an IFTTT compatible product for almost all types of smart home and security devices, including security cameras. As we all know, cameras that integrate with other smart home products can enhance your home security further than those that do not. So if you're shopping for a security camera, it's important to consider whether or not they work with IFTTT. That said, not all cameras that work with IFTTT are created equal. Some have simpler Triggers and Actions, which is good if you want a straightforward setup. Others are more complex, allowing you to create more specific Applets. Whichever approach you prefer, there's an IFTTT-compatible camera for you.

Indoor Cameras That Work With IFTTT

D-Link Connected Home Cameras

Camera Models:

  • DCS-8200LH - $139.99 (Read Full Review)
  • DCS-8330LH
  • DCS-935LH - (UK only)
  • DCS-8300LH

D-Link's approach can be described using one word: Confusing. D-Link offers a broad range of security cameras, but those cameras have almost the same security features. What's even more confusing? D-Link's IFTTT channel is called D-Link Connected Home Camera, but not all cameras in their Connected Home ecosystem are supported. The channel currently supports four D-Link cameras: two are available in the US, one is exclusive to UK customers, and D-Link no longer offers the fourth.

D-Link Connected Home Camera Triggers:

  • Motion Detected
  • Sound Detected

D-Link Connected Home Camera Actions:

  • Record Video
  • Take Snapshots


Camera Models:

Homeboy is one of several competitors in the "wire-free camera" catagory and they were one of the first wire-free cameras to offer an IFTTT channel. Their channel is complex compared to most. Instead of specific cameras, their rules often involve multiple cameras in a single location. For example, their Motion Detected Trigger is triggered if any of the cameras in the specified location detect motion.

Homeboy Triggers:

  • Motion Detected at Location (When one of the cameras at a specified location detects motion)
  • Video Ready (Whenever a new video is recorded, either caused by motion events or manual recording)
  • Location Armed (When the cameras in a single location are armed)
  • Location Disarmed (When the cameras in a single location are disarmed)
  • Lost Connection (When one of the cameras in the specified location loses Wi-Fi connection)
  • Low Battery (When one of the cameras in the specified location is low on battery)

Homeboy Actions:

  • Arm Location (Arm all cameras in one location)
  • Disarm Location
  • Arm Camera (Lets you choose which camera to arm)
  • Disarm Camera
  • Record Video (Record a video using the specified camera)
  • Notify Crew (Send a notification to your Homeboy crew of users)


Camera Models:

iSmartAlarm is another security camera provider that offers a range of security cameras. All their security cameras are for indoor use only and all offer Sound Recognition. Not only will they notify you if they hear a loud noise, but they will also be able to tell you whether the noise is caused by a smoke alarm or CO detector's siren blaring. By contrast, the iCamera KEEP and KEEP Pro are both pan and tilt cameras. In addition, KEEP Pro can follow and track detected motion.

Aside from offering home security cameras, iSmartAlarm also offers security systems, which is why the iSmartAlarm IFTTT channel has Triggers and Actions that involve other sensors. However, we decided to focus on those that directly affect cameras. And for those who are not familiar, you can use iSmart cameras with or without the iSmartAlarm security system.

iSmartAlarm Triggers

  • Camera Detects Movement
  • Camera Detects Sound (When the specified camera hears a certain sound: Choose between Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Detector, or all sounds)
  • System Mode Changes (When cameras are connected to a CubeOne and the system mode is changed)

iSmartAlarm Actions

  • Set The System To A Mode (Selects which mode to set the CubeOne to, affecting all iSmartAlarm cameras connected to the system)


Piper offers two cameras: Piper and Piper NV. The two models are the same, except Piper NV includes night vision. Piper cameras have the ability to connect with Z-Wave security devices directly. If you connect Z-Wave devices to Piper, you will be able to control them using the Piper smartphone app.

Piper's IFTTT channel also allows you to control connected Z-Wave devices. Rules can be triggered by either the camera or the devices connected to it. For example, the Trigger "Activity Detected in Security Mode" can be customized to use the camera's motion sensor or, let's say, a Z-Wave smoke sensor.

Piper Triggers

  • Activity Detected in Security Mode (When any activity is detected by the specifed sensor)
  • New Video Clip Recorded (When the camera records a clip)
  • Piper Went Offline (When the camera is disconnected from Wi-Fi)
  • Piper Came Back Online (When the camera connects to Wi-Fi)
  • Piper Is Running On Battery (When power is disconnected and Piper is running on battery)

Piper Actions

  • Change Security Mode (Change security mode to the selected mode)
  • Turn on wireless accessory (Turn on a selected Z-Wave accessory)
  • Set A Wireless Accessory Dimmer Level (Set the dimmer level of a Z-Wave Dimmer Light module)
  • Ask me to arm Piper (Send a push notification to your smartphone asking you to arm Piper)

Withings Home

Camera Models:

Withings Home is a camera designed to monitor your house or your baby. Thanks to its multiple sensors, it can provide not only security but also peace of mind by monitoring your air quality.

Withings' IFTTT channel is not too different from those that we've already seen.

Withings Home Triggers

  • Motion Has Been Detected
  • Noise Has Been Detected
  • An Air Quality Alert Has Been Raised
  • Your Withings Home Goes Offline

Withings Home Actions

  • Change Camera Mode (Change the camera mode to the specified mode)

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras That Work With IFTTT

Netgear's Arlo

Camera Models:

Arlo offers a variety of cameras ranging from wireless weatherproof cameras to a powerful baby monitor. All of their cameras include seven days of free cloud storage and they openly integrate with other brands.

Arlo's IFTTT channel is straightforward. It offers three Triggers and three Actions. When setting Arlo as either a Trigger or an Action, you can choose which of your Arlo cameras you want to apply the Applet to. But watch out because there are limitations. For example, there's a trigger that says Audio Detected. Obviously, this only works with cameras that have audio capability, so you can't apply the Trigger to the original Arlo Wire-Free, which doesn't have audio.

Arlo Triggers:

  • Motion Detected (When motion is detected by a specified Arlo camera)
  • Low Battery Reported (When the specified battery-powered Arlo camera is low on battery)
  • Audio Detected (When loud sound is detected by the specified Arlo camera)

Arlo Actions:

  • Arm (Arms the specified Arlo camera)
  • Disarm (Disarms the specified Arlo camera)
  • Start recording (Starts recording using the chosen Arlo camera)


Camera Models:

Blink, like Arlo, is best known for their wireless indoor security camera. Their lineup has since expanded to include a weatherproof wireless camera (Blink XT), security sensors, and monitoring services.

Blink's IFTTT channel is much simpler than Arlo's.

Blink Triggers:

  • Motion Detected

Blink Actions:

  • Arm
  • Disarm


Camera Models:

EZVIZ is best known for offering powerful and feature-rich cameras for a low price. They have a variety of inexpensive cameras, from simple fixed indoor camera models to pan-and-and tilt cameras and even outdoor cameras.

EZVIZ's IFTTT channel offers limited possibilities, but they still offer enough to enhance your home security.

EZVIZ Triggers:

  • An Alarm Event Occurs (You choose which type of alarm event would trigger the rule)

EZVIZ Actions:

  • Toggle Sleep Mode (Sleep Mode ON= Stops monitoring to protect privacy, Sleep Mode OFF= Resumes monitoring; Only works on Mini and Mini O models)
  • Toggle Alarm Notification (ON= Camera sends event notifications, OFF= Notifications are stopped)

Nest Cam

Camera Models

Nest Cam needs no introduction. It's one of the most popular security cameras on the market. Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor are already friends with hundreds of other brands through the Works with Nest program, but through IFTTT, Nest Cam has the potential to be friends with hundreds more.

Nest's IFTTT channel is pretty simple. Nest Cams can only be used as Triggers; they do not currently offer any Actions.

Nest Cam Triggers:

  • New Motion Event (When the specified Nest Cam detects motion)
  • New Sound Event (When the specified Nest Cam detects a loud sound)
  • New Sound or Motion Event (When the specified Nest Cam detects either motion or loud sound)

Netatmo Welcome

Camera Models:

Netatmo cameras are best known for their ability to recognize who they're seeing. Netatmo Welcome, the indoor camera, can recognize faces. It knows who lives in the house and who's a stranger. Netatmo Presence, the outdoor camera, can distinguish people from cars and animals. These features reduces false alarms and improve notifications. Netatmo also has accessories including Tags and a Siren. Both accessories are aimed at working with the Welcome indoor camera. Netatmo Tags are door/window sensors that detect vibration and the opening/closing of doors and windows. The Siren is a siren capable of producing a 110dB sound to warn you of and to ward off intruders.

Netatmo's IFTTT channel takes advantage of their smart features to offer more complex and specific Triggers and Actions.

Netatmo Triggers

  • Someone Unknown Has Been Seen (Netatmo Welcome, face recognition)
  • An Alarm Has Been Detected (Netatmo Welcome and Presence, sound, motion, human detection)
  • Someone Known Has Been Seen (Netatmo Welcome, face recognition)
  • A Specific Person Has Been Seen (Netatmo Welcome, face recognition)
  • Someone Known Arrives Home (Netatmo Welcome, face recognition)
  • A Specific Person Arrives Home (Netatmo Welcome, face recognition)
  • Motion Has Been Detected (Netatmo Welcome and Presence, motion detection)
  • Camera Has A Problem (Netatmo Welcome and Presence, Wi-Fi disconnected, power disconnected)
  • Camera Has Been Switched Off (Netatmo Welcome and Presence)
  • Camera Has Been Switched On (Netatmo Welcome and Presence)
  • A Tag Is Left Open (Tags)
  • A Tag Detected Vibration (Tags)
  • A Tag Detected Motion (Tags, Open/Close Movement Detection)
  • A Tag Is Disconnected (Tags)
  • A Tag Battery Is Low (Tags)
  • A Person Has Been Seen Outside (Netatmo Presence, Person Detection)
  • A Car Has Been Seen Outside (Netatmo Presence, Car Detection)
  • An Animal Has Been Seen Outside (Netatmo Presence, Animal Detection)

Netatmo Actions

  • Set Person Away (Tells Netatmo that a specific person has left the house)
  • Set Home Empty (Tells Netatmo that everyone in the house has left)


Camera Models:

We reviewed Oco back in 2015. Since then, they have expanded their lineup to include Oco 2, an improved version of Oco, as well as Oco Pro, an outdoor camera. As a standalone device, Oco is not friendly with other smart home brands, but they work around that limitation via IFTTT.

Oco's IFTTT channel is pretty simple. It offers two Triggers and several Actions.

Oco Triggers

  • Motion Detected
  • Camera Offline (When the specified camera goes offline)

Oco Actions

  • Start Recording
  • Turn Camera On
  • Turn Camera Off
  • Turn Notifications On
  • Turn Notifications Off

SpotCam Sense Series

Camera Models:

SpotCam makes several cameras, but only the Sense Series works with IFTTT. Sense works indoors and Pro works outdoors, but besides that, the two cameras are the same. Sense offers 24 hours of free cloud storage and additional sensors to measure your home's air quality.

SpotCam's IFTTT channel has triggers and several actions.

SpotCam Sense Triggers:

  • Motion Event Detected
  • Audio Event Detected
  • Humidity Event Detected
  • Illumination Event Detected

SpotCam Sense Actions:

  • Turn SpotCam On/Off
  • Turn Alert On/Off
  • Turn Night Vision On/Off
  • Take a Snapshot and Email It
  • Sound Siren

Outdoor Cameras That Work With IFTTT


Camera Models:

Ring is a top performing video doorbell provider, and their lineup has expanded to include different models of doorbell cameras, accessories, and outdoor security cameras. Ring's IFTTT channel supports multiple Ring cameras, but only offers Triggers, not Actions.

Ring Triggers

  • New Ring Detected
  • New Motion Detected by Doorbell


Camera Models:

SkyBell, like Ring, is a video doorbell provider. They currently offer the SkyBell HD, but they also have other doorbell cameras in the works. SkyBell HD's IFTTT channel doesn't offer much, but does offer slightly more than Ring as it has several Actions.

SkyBell Triggers

  • Your SkyBell HD's Button Was Pressed
  • Your SkyBell HD Detected Motion

SkyBell Actions

  • Turn Indoor Chime On
  • Turn Indoor Chime Off
  • Change LED Color (Change the color of the LED around SkyBell HD's button)
  • Record Video


  1. Carlos 25 October, 2017 at 12:08 Reply

    To Whom it may concern

    I have a Ring Pro and I would like to record without cloud (locally) which camera will you recommend or what setup.

    I also have Amazon Echo and SNH-E6440BN – Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor Full HD 1080p WiFi Camera.
    Thank you

    • Vanessa Stanley 27 October, 2017 at 10:14 Reply

      There aren’t many options that would play with what you currently have. Maybe Netatmo Welcome? It has an IFTTT channel so you could connect it to Ring and Echo via IFTTT. The camera stores sensitive data on an SD card and you can backup to an FTP server or Dropbox.

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