Will D-Link’s Latest Camera Ruin Their Reputation

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We consider Piper NV, Nest Cam (Dropcam), and others to be the elites of Wi-Fi home security cameras. D-Link? It's the inexpensive entry-level option. But just this week, D-Link released two new Wi-Fi cameras. One of which is poised to compete against the elites both in price and features.



  • High Resolution
  • Extreme Wide Angle
  • Supports an SD Card


  • Lacks Free Cloud Storage
  • Lacks Paid Cloud Storage
  • Night Vision Not As Powerful As Competitors

What’s New With D-Link’s Latest Camera?

D-Link’s latest camera-- Full HD Ultra-Wide View (DCS-2630L) was released on Tuesday, October 20. What makes it special?

It is D-Link’s first Wi-Fi camera to offer a 180⁰ field of view. Most Wi-Fi cameras including Nest Cam and Netatmo Welcome only offer a 130⁰ field of view. A wider viewing angle means larger coverage and more security value.

"But having a 180⁰ field of view also means warped, fish-eye like videos, right?" Right. And that’s kind of a turn off for most security camera aficionados. But the DCS-2630L is unique. Besides the ultra-wide angle glass lens, it also uses de-warping technology. Your view is maximized but the distortion is reduced.

Features and Specs

Video Quality and Night Vision

DCS-2630L records and stream in Full HD 1080p resolution which is currently the gold standard in Wi-Fi cameras. Nest Cam, Piper, and Netatmo Welcome all have 1080p resolution. Also, it uses a 1/3”, 3MP CMOS sensor to deliver crisp images to you.

Night vision is almost a prerequisite for any good Wi-Fi cameras. Night vision makes it possible for you to monitor your home at night. the DCS-2630L has IR LEDs built into it that gives it night vision of up to 16ft. If you’re asking if that’s good enough, I'll sey it's "meh". Some midrange Wi-Fi cameras offer better night vision with 26ft of coverage being what we look for as being on par. But let's not laugh at 16ft, it's better than nothing and often quality is better than quantity.

Sound and Motion Detection

DCS-2630L has built in motion and sound sensors. Motion detection is improved with 2 PIR sensors on the camera’s face. PIR motion sensors detect infrared radiation from a person or animal that passes in front of it. Its sensors may not be as impressive as Netatmo Welcome’s face recognition, but are good enough to make one feel safe.

Understanding that you cannot monitor your camera 24/7, DCS-2630L sends you push notifications whenever an event (e.g. movement or loud sounds) happens. This eliminates the guesswork out of monitoring your home. You are also given the peace of mind that your home is safe even without staring at live feeds for countless hours.

Besides sending you push notifications, DCS-2630L has the option to automatically start recording when there are events. That way, you can still watch an event even if you missed the notifications.


D-Link doesn’t have a public cloud where you can store videos. Instead it gives you three storage options.

One is to store your videos on an SD card. Most of D-Link’s Wi-Fi cameras have built in MicroSD slots. The DCS-2630L can handle up to a 128GB microSD card unlike previous versions that can only accommodate up to 32GB. That’s a huge leap. However, 128GB is enough to record only about a week of videos.

Your other option is to buy a mydlink Camera Recorder (DNR-202L). It is like a wireless DVR in that it lets you stream, record, and playback videos from up to 4 D-Link cameras. The downside is that you need to buy an extra hard drive which will cost you extra bucks. Also, it requires some setting up to connect your camera to the mydlink Camera Recorder. Not very user-friendly.

Your third option is ShareCenter™ from D-Link. ShareCenter™ is basically a server powered by hard drives (your hard drives) which connect to your network and which you can use as your own cloud storage. The difference between this and mydlink Camera Recorder is that you can use it to store data and files from different devices including your Wi-Fi cameras, computers, smartphones, tablets, and others as long as they connect to the same network as the ShareCenter™.

If you really want to subscribe to a cloud service though, you can try looking for third-party cloud services. Note that not all cloud services are compatible with D-Link’s Wi-Fi cameras and that not all are secure. Be sure to research and read reviews before subscribing.

myDlink App

Other functions of DCS-2630L can be accessed with the help of the myDlink app available in a free version (myDlink Lite) and a paid version (myDlink +). The app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android), and Windows Phone Store.

The app’s main function is to control and monitor your D-Link devices, including the DCS-2630L. It is where you can watch live video, receive and setup motion and sound detection, activate 2-way voice, and manually start recording. You can also access previous recordings stored in the SD card using the app.

How D-Link’s DCS-2630L Compares With The Elites

The features and specs above all point to one thing—DCS 2630L has a shot at being one of the elites. We’ll need to try this personally to give a final say whether it is indeed worthy of being called a gold-standard camera or not. But the table below clearly tells us how its features and specs compare to other brands.

DCS-2630L NestCam Piper nv Netatmo Welcome
180 FOV130 FOV180 FOV130 FOV
Night Vision 16ftNight Vision 20ftNight Vision 26ftNight Vision
Motion DetectionMotion DetectionMotion DetectionMotion & Face Recognition
Sound DetectionSound DetectionSound DetectionSound Detection
2-Way Audio2-Way Audio2-Way Audio1-Way Audio
8x Digital Zoom8x Digital Zoom8x Digital ZoomUnknown
Local Recording 128GBNANALocal Recording 32GB
Cloud: PrivateCloud: Subscription BasedCloud: FreeCloud: Free
NAWorks with NestHumidity and Temperature SensorsNA

D-Link FullHD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera is now available to purchase. You can check it out on D-Link’s website.

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