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Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Hardware 8.6
Video Storage5
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If you are an Android phone owner turn around now. This baby monitor is only for iOS. If you own an iOS device, I think you will be surprised by the amount of features available but features doesn't always equal performance.

Fair warning, I have not had my hands on the Withings Baby Monitor but I can help compare it to the other baby monitors and cameras we've tested.

Most reviews state that the Smart Baby Monitor is a performer and it certainly seems like a stellar choice on paper. It's an interesting looking monitor and compact. Instead of sitting on a shelf or mounting to a wall, it clips. You can clip mount it to your baby's crib which may sound like an alarming safety hazard but the camera is battery-powered (with an optional wall plug for power). As it is battery operated and clip-on, the camera is easy to set up. Simply connect the camera to the app and you're good to go.


  • Remote or In-Home Monitoring
  • Supports an Unlimited Amount of Cameras
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors


  • No Android App
  • Remote Viewing Limited to 15 Mins Daily
  • Users Complain of Connection Issues

Smart Baby Monitor Quality: Sound and Picture

The Smart Baby Monitor has a decent camera. The actual resolution will depend upon how you are monitoring your baby and also your internet connection. A strong connection at home will have a better resolution than viewing remotely. Video is transmitted using H.264 compression which is the same method used by YouTube and though YouTube may not always stream perfectly to your phone, it is the best possible compression method available right now.

The Smart Baby Monitor offers a 3.5 Megapixel camera and a 120 degree wide-angle lens. This is actually pretty comparable to the Dropcam Pro which many think is the "be-all end-all of security cameras". Unlike the Dropcam Pro, the Smart Baby Monitor is made to be a baby monitor and it's better suited for the job.

Features of the Withings Smart Baby Monitor

The monitor includes night vision, a speaker, microphone, and also temperature and humidity sensors. The camera also features a custom color nightlight.


The camera can pan, tilt, and zoom up to 4x.

Parent Comforts

The camera will notify you if your baby needs attention. This can be based upon sound, motion, or even temperature. Though the app you can access an event history screen that will show you all events that occurred over a 15 minute period. Finally, you can monitor your baby when your phone is locked or unlocked and when you are home or away though there is a limit on the amount of time you can remotely view the baby monitor each day.

Baby Comforts

The Smart Monitor includes 7 sounds to help comfort your baby, the two-way audio feature can also be comforting, and it includes a night light with multiple custom color options.


The camera includes both day and night vision. The swap between the two modes is automatic and changes when needed. This is all made possible using a 3.5 Megapixel sensor and a 120° wide angle lens. Though the lens is wide, there is no fish eye effect thanks to a dewarping feature.


Smart Baby includes audio so that you can hear if your baby is crying but it can also pick up breathing. Finally, audio with this monitor is two-way so that you can comfort your baby if she needs you.

App Features

  • Custom Notifications
  • Remotely Control Nightlight
  • Monitor at Home or Remote
  • Play Lullabies
  • Use Two-Way Audio
  • Setup Multiple Accounts
  • Setup Multiple Cameras

App Performance

Remember. This camera supports iOS only. There was a point in time where Android was supported but that is no longer the case. Using the iOS app you can watch video live, pan, tilt, zoom, and take pictures as needed to record moments in time. There is no option for cloud storage so keep that in mind if that is important to you.

The iOS app will warn you of motion based events and monitor the built-in temperature sensor. All of the alerts are customizable of course but can be set for noise, temperature, movement, and humidity and are sent via push notification. You can customize based upon type of alert or even time. For example, you may want to know if there is a noise. Period. Or you may want to know if your baby has been making noise for a few minutes. This is all possible thanks to the mobile app.

From the app you can also use two-way talk or play a lullaby. The camera includes 7 different musical options to help calm your baby. The camera does not include an SD card so you can't play your own music but the options seem to be more than sufficient.

With one app to support you would assume that the app would be stellar right? Me too. But on the day we reviewed the Smart Baby, the app was rated a measly 2.5 stars on iTunes.

Perhaps the most promising feature of the Smart Baby Monitor is that you can monitor your baby while at home or remotely. Keep in mind that you only get 15 minutes of free remote monitoring per day. If you need more time, there is a charge. This is unfortunate and puts the Smart Baby Monitor at a disadvantage to other monitors like D-Link which offers free remote monitoring.

Final Thoughts

Though it seems like everyone else is a huge fan, I would not recommend the Withings Smart Baby Monitor. It's overpriced for the actual hardware specs, doesn't offer anything extra ordinary, limits the amount of time you can remotely view, and doesn't support Android. All in all, there are better options out there.

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