The Who and the Why:

Though we have in-house experts on many things, we are not experts in all things. Perhaps you would like to write about your new product or an app you use. Maybe you own a camera and want to provide an owner's review? Maybe you invented a new type of night vision? Who knows! However, if you want to write for us make sure you are contributing something of value. We do not accept generic content.

The When and the Where

If you have a great idea, please pitch it to admin at asecurecam dot com. We will review it in two weeks and let you know if it is a hit or a miss for our site. If it is a hit, we will schedule it to post within 30 days.

  1. Our site is about security cameras. You can write about anything related to security cameras but try not to stretch it too much. Make it relevant.
  2. We do not put a limit or a max on article word count. Instead, we feel like you should say what is natural.
  3. With that said ... the more concise you are, the better.
  4. Use bullets or subheads to break up text.
  5. You can submit articles using basic HTML or in plain text.
  6. Of course, your article should be 100% unique content.
  7. You may include relevant links and a short author bio.
  8. No press releases. You can email us to ask us to take a look at your new site or press release but we will not cut and paste a  press release onto our site. We do not recycle content.
  9. Please include your Twitter handle if you use Twitter.