ycam HomeMonitor HD

Y-cam HomeMonitor HD WiFi Security Camera

Hardware Criteria7.3
Software Criteria8.3
Video Storage5.9
Hands-on Authority and User Reviews8.3
Home Automation0
Encryption, Encoding, and Care10
Reader Rating: (3 Rates)9.2

The HomeMonitor HD has caught my eye. She offers free cloud storage, the ability to control an outdoor camera under the same app, and she was created by Y-Cam. Though I love startups, it's nice sometimes to find an internet camera that is backed by a legitimate company. It makes me feel safer knowing that they aren't going to take my money, pack up shop, and leave me with a useless piece of plastic.


  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Indoor And Outdoor Camera On One App
  • Works With Multiple Smart Devices


  • Wide Range Viewing Isn't Wide Enough
  • Lacks Sound Detection
  • Average App Performance

Image and Video Quality with the HomeMonitor HD

The HomeMonitor HD includes a wide-angle, 1 Megapixel color lens that records in HD 720p 1280x720. The camera has 30 built-in infrared LEDs that can trigger night vision in low light situations thanks to the included light sensor. The night vision range is up to 50 feet though the quality of the night vision declines with distance.

While the camera cannot pan, tilt, or zoom, it does include a wide viewing angle of around 87 degrees. Though this is a fairly wide-angle, I would consider the range of the camera to be one of its pitfalls. The angle is "kind of" wide but not wide enough that they should have eliminated the ability to pan the camera. This can raise the total cost of ownership because you may need two cameras to cover an area versus buying a camera that can cover a wider area. The good news is that you can add an unlimited amount of cameras http://asecurecam.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2662&action=edit#and users to an account and you can monitor multiple cameras from a single app. Though not ideal, it's good to know that you can remotely monitor your home so long as you have enough cameras monitoring the areas important to you.

HomeMonitor HD to Enhance Home Security

Any camera is going to enhance your home's security though some might add more value than other. The HomeMonitor HD is an indoor camera only. If you want an outdoor camera, they do make one. The benefit to this is that you can have both your indoor and outdoor cameras on one app. As you can stream multiple cameras using their software, this is a huge benefit.

HomeMonitor HDWhile HomeMonitor's picture quality may not be as good as other cameras, it wins when it comes to home security. First of all, they include free cloud storage. What's the point of recording footage if you can't revisit it later? That's not a problem with HomeMonitor. Second, they include a technology they call Smart Buffer™. Smart Buffer allows you to capture events BEFORE they happen. The camera includes internal memory. There are other cameras that include internal memory for buffering but what happens if an event is detected without Smart Buffer? Typically a camera buffers the capture on its internal memory and then it sends the footage to the cloud. This isn't ideal. What if someone finds and smashes the camera before the image is sent to the cloud? With HomeMonitor the cameras internal memory can record up to 10 seconds before motion is triggered. This is Smart Buffer. Third, they allow you to create motion zones for smarter motion detection. Think of it like this, you want to record what's happening in your foyer. However, people walk through the foyer all the time..people that are supposed to be there. Soon you start ignoring the motion alerts because they are mostly false alarms. With HomeMonitor, you can draw a virtual square around the area where motion should be monitored. For example, in your foyer you might draw a square around your front door so that all other areas are ignored. In fact, HomeMonitor allows you to set up multiple zones for smart motion detection. Fourth, HomeMonitor allows you to automate when alerts happen. This takes the work off of your plate. If you want the camera to monitor Monday and Friday from 3pm-4pm you can set that up. You can create a schedule using a 24/7 calendar.

Finally, when using a camera, you have to consider privacy part of the home security package. Cameras can be hacked and you want to make sure you are buying a camera that makes that harder and also that you take measures to protect your own privacy. From a privacy perspective HomeMonitor is good. First of all, they do not employ the default password technique. You pick your password. It is unique to you. Second, they use bank level encryption. Each account uses 256-bit AES.

HomeMonitor Software Behavior

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of HomeMonitor is that it can be controlled by so many devices. Many cameras are limited to an iOS or Android app but the HomeMonitor HD works with iOS, Androids, the Kindle Fire, Roku, and Windows phones. You can also access your account online using a laptop or desktop. This really opens up the possibility. Also, you can monitor the camera from multiple devices. When you are out and about, you might want to monitor your cameras with your smartphone but when you're home you might find that your TV is more convenient.

Through the apps you can watch live footage, customize cameras, turn your cameras on or off, and setup alerts. The HomeMonitor HD can send email alerts with an actual video of the incident. Of course, the video will include the pre-record from the smart buffer as well as extended footage.

Video Storage in the Cloud

With the HomeMonitor HD you get 7 days of free cloud storage. This includes video of events, unlimited live viewing, unlimited downloads, and unlimited alerts. If you need more storage, you can pay for it. The Plus package is $40 for the entire year. It will bump up your storage from 7 days to 30 days.

HomeMonitor HD is dependent upon power and internet with no built-in redundancy. If you lose power and internet, you lose HomeMonitor. However, if an intruder finds your camera and destroys it, your cloud footage will still be safe in the cloud.

A Quick Summary

If this was all overkill for you let me wrap it up in one paragraph. HomeMonitor HD is a solid camera for home security. If you want a camera that produces a beautiful image and allows you to check-in on your family, this is not the camera for you. HomeMonitor HD is a security camera. It offers free cloud storage, zones for smart motion detection, multiple device apps, and Smart Buffer technology to make sure that you capture the full event. HomeMonitor is an easy to set up cloud camera that can send you alerts and connect with the HomeMonitor Outdoor camera under one app for better home security coverage.

Compatible Devices and Pricing Comparison

The HomeMonitor HD works with Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows Phones, and Roku but does not play with other devices.

HomeMonitor HD is available on Amazon as is the HomeMonitor Outdoor Camera

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