Y-cam HomeMonitor Indoor Wireless

Y-cam HomeMonitor Indoor Wireless Security Camera

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The HomeMonitor Indoor is the entry-level camera from the 3 piece HomeMonitor camera collection. The collection includes the indoor HD camera and also an outdoor camera. Like the HD camera, the indoor camera offers free cloud storage and special features that are made possible through software. However, the indoor camera is limited as a home security camera as it is missing a couple of key features.


  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Zones For Smart Motion Alerts
  • Works With The HD And Outdoor Camera


  • Overpriced For Quality
  • Low Resolution
  • Narrow Viewing Angle

Image and Video Quality with the HomeMonitor Indoor

One missing feature is a wide-angle lens. The HomeMonitor Indoor claims to have a wide-angle lens but the 60 degree horizontal view is limiting. In my opinion, this is not wide-angle when similar cameras offer a field of view over 100 degrees. The smaller viewing angle wouldn't be a big deal if the camera could pan, tilt, or rotate but it can't. It also wouldn't be a big deal if the camera was priced accordingly to make it an attractive "add-on" camera to an existing HomeMonitor ecosystem, but it's not. In fact, it is priced around $30 less than the HomeMonitor HD. I see no reason to buy the Indoor HomeMonitor over the HD but I will complete the review as a resource for you.

Another limitation of the Indoor is that it is a low resolution camera. It's max resolution is limited to 640x480 480p. It uses a 310,000 pixel 1/4" CMOS lens that is backed by 30 infrared LEDs that can trigger night vision in low light situations thanks to the included light sensor that detects a dark room vs a bright room. HomeMonitor claims that the night vision can reach up to 40 feet but I've not tested a HomeMonitor Indoor to validate this claim.

HomeMonitor Indoor to Enhance Home Security

HomeMonitor Indoor

HomeMonitor Indoor

The HomeMonitor Indoor can be partnered with other HomeMonitor cameras. You can add an unlimited amount of cameras and users to an account for added coverage and security.

Though I've already made it clear that I do not recommend the Indoor over the HD, the Indoor comes with a lot of the same features that make the HD a solid home security camera. The Indoor camera offers flexible placement via the included stand or wall mount option. Like the HD, the Indoor includes free cloud storage. If HomeMonitor detects an event it first uses Smart Buffer technology. Smart Buffer uses the camera's internal memory to pre-buffer footage which means that the cameras can capture and record before an event is actually detected. Once an event is detected, it sends footage of the event to the cloud. Seven days of free cloud storage is included with your camera so you can go back and review clips or download them as evidence.

Another feature included with the HomeMonitor Indoor is the use of zones. This is something that other companies charge for but you get for free with HomeMonitor. Basically zoning improves the quality of motion detection. Let's say that you have a large, high traffic room. You wouldn't want an alert every time someone walks through the room but you also don't want to leave the room unprotected. Through HomeMonitor's software you can draw a virtual square around the areas you want to cover in the room like your windows or your liquor cabinet. You can also select the time and day that you want those areas covered. This means fewer alerts and smarter alerts. Right now, the HomeMonitor Indoor can only monitor for motion. It does have a built-in microphone but cannot send sound alerts. If motion is detected you can check-in on things visually but you can also listen-in. If having a microphone in your house bugs you out (pun intended), you can disable the microphone at anytime through the HomeMonitor Portal Camera Manager.

HomeMonitor has done a lot of things right to help protect your privacy. HomeMonitor is not an IP camera which means that you are not opening up ports, you are instead connecting to HomeMonitor's secure cloud servers. Also, they do not employ the default password technique. You pick your password. It is unique to you. Finally, they use 256-bit AES bank level encryption.

HomeMonitor Software Behavior

One of my favorite features of the HomeMonitor line is that they have multiple apps for multiple devices. The HomeMonitor Indoor works with iOS, Androids, the Kindle Fire, Roku, and Windows phones. They also have a secure web portal that you can use on any internet enabled device. Each app functions somewhat differently but in general the apps can be used to stream live footage, customize cameras, turn your cameras on or off, and setup alerts.

Video Storage in the Cloud

With the HomeMonitor Indoor you get 7 days of free cloud storage. This includes video of events, unlimited live viewing, unlimited downloads, and unlimited alerts. If you need more storage, you can pay for it. The Plus package is $40 for the entire year. It will bump up your storage from 7 days to 30 days.

The HomeMonitor Indoor is dependent upon power and internet with no built-in redundancy. If you lose power and internet, you lose HomeMonitor. However, if an intruder finds your camera and destroys it, your cloud footage will still be safe in the cloud.

A Quick Summary

The HomeMonitor Indoor has a smaller field of view and a lower resolution than HomeMonitor HD yet it is only $30 less. While I applaud the inclusion of free cloud storage, zones for smart motion detection, multiple device apps, and Smart Buffer technology, I recommend spending the extra $30 for a better quality camera.

Compatible Devices and Pricing Comparison

The HomeMonitor Indoor works with Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows Phones, and Roku but does not play with other devices.

HomeMonitor Indoor Camera on Amazon $140.37

HomeMonitor HD on Amazon $168.95

Q&A With Home Monitor

How many people can view HomeMonitor at the same time?

Unlimited but if multiple people view the live footage at the same time, you may see things slow down or lag.

How many people can receive HomeMonitor Alerts?

You can setup four email addresses for alerts but push notifications can be sent to an unlimited amount of devices.

How many cameras can you add to one account?

You can add an unlimited amount of cameras to an account.

If my camera is stolen will the footage be stolen too?

No. HomeMonitors footage is stored in the cloud which is kind of like being on someone else's computer far away, but better. If someone takes your camera, the footage will still be there.

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