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You Can Turn Your SmartPhone Into a Security Camera

There are several apps available that can turn your old Android or Apple devices into security cameras. Recently, we’ve featured ManyThing, an iTunes App that turns old Apple devices into a security camera. Aside from ManyThing, there are also a number of other apps that do the same. You can. But should you?

You Can Turn Your SmartPhone Into a Security Camera. But Should You?

A Win

Turning an old iPhone into a security camera is economical. Most of us hoard phased out iPhones or iPads. Hasn't that always been the case? I'm fairly certain that I have a Nokia 6012 sitting around somewhere and positive that I have a Motorola Razr shoved in a closet. Technology is fleeting and Apple products aren't known for long lifecycles. The difference between my old iPhone and the Razr is that my old iPhone still works and its smart. At the same time it holds more personal data so selling it with my personal data seems risky. But turning an old iPhone into a security camera is genius and economical.

A Loss

We get to see a lot of different security cameras: IP cameras, cloud cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensitive cameras and night-vision cameras. If you’re thinking that an iPhone turned into a security camera cannot stand up to their level, you are right. An iPhone or an iPad is not made for home security. Your security experience using a real security camera as opposed to your iPhone is kind of like using that old Razr to surf the web.

An old iPhone can monitor a section of your house during the day. It may be a good addition to other cameras and would work great if you left it sitting next to a light. An old iPhone would also be a unique baby monitor solution. However, it is no competition to cameras like the Dropcam Pro.

A Tie

Both options are easy to install and use. I can set up a standard cloud-based security camera in about 15 minutes, I setup ManyThing in about 5 minutes.

A Loss

I've not tested my old iPhone as a camera long-term. However, the iPhone was not created to be a security camera and it was not created to run 24/7. If you need a camera that can stream live footage and run 24/7 you would be better off buying a camera that was created to be a security camera.

Overall, I think using your old smart phone as a home security camera is a viable option. It's certainly one way to extend your current security system for very little money.

Featured Photo: Flickr "Phone Art" by Hads2K under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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